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Ibrahim, India - wrote on 12/23/2003 11:10:41 PM
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Comment:Assalaamualaikum, I think this is the right way to bring peace and harmony among ourselves. I request the Olama`s to come up with similar kind of peace building lectures. Khuda hafiz

Br. Asif, New Jersey - wrote on 12/12/2003 7:32:36 PM
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Comment:Very good article. It is good to see articles like this talking of tolerence, mutual respect, plurality at the same time firmly holding on to the faith and the basic principles of Islam. I would highly recommend it

Talaat, Nelson, U.K. - wrote on 12/12/2003 3:45:01 PM
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Comment:Assalam-o-alaikum, It is true that one way of acting as an embassador of Islam is to be good and respect others. The attractive personality and the accomodating attitude of our dear prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) turned many to Islam. Where I live, there are about 90% miuslims. Christans made our children draw Eid cards, the library had an Eid corner, there were Eid displays and Eid parties in schools and a few Sound Vision Islamic videos were shown. The Christan head and teachers decided to buy some for their school to show in coming years. All of this felt so good and encouraging. Now on their Christmas time if we give them a card or a little present, I think, it is a way of showing our gratitude that they respected our important time of the year. Jazak Allah Khair

Y.KAMAL-DEEN, GHANA - wrote on 12/11/2003 6:36:42 AM
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Comment:ALHAMDU LILLAH,I like the way many of schorlars tackled the issue.The issue here is not to take part in the celberation but to exhibit respect which is part of the religion.Showing respect to other religion is part of our duty as muslims. may Allah the Almighty guide us to the straight path.Wassalam Alaikum. Kamal-deen.

Sephorah , MD - wrote on 12/10/2003 7:56:21 PM
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Comment:Islam is a religion of tolerance and respect. i think we will go a long way by showing people of other faiths respect. Jazak allah khair for a wonderful article.

LANA, NASHVILLE, TN - wrote on 12/10/2003 7:22:25 PM
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Comment:Great article. Thanks.

Dalil, Washington DC - wrote on 12/10/2003 9:45:37 AM
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Comment:We are in a time were we as Muslims are being attacked all over the world and many of the passive kafirs support these attacks. This is the time to hold more tightly to the teachings of the Qu'r'an and sunna we will not find unity in practicing the ways of the polytheist. Tolerance is allowing them to practice the worship of things and man without physically stopping them not helping them do it or stopping our Dawa against it. Dawa is done by not acknowledging the practice of these shirk filled Hollow days. I do not know if the writer of this article is a born American but I do know that he does not understand America because you will get no respect in this country by compromising your beliefs. The Qur'an also tells us that the non believers will never be pleased with us until we follow their way, so if they are totally pleased with you then you must be of them. You Mr. writer are in a position to influence many people and therefore you should be very careful as to what you write it could cause someone to lose their footing in this deen. I know you did not tell anyone to practice Xmas but this is what some persons will get out of your article. May Allah protect us all from shirk.

Charmagyne Akram, Memphis, TN - wrote on 12/9/2003 11:42:32 PM
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Comment:As-Salaamu-alaikum, As an adult who accepted Al-Islam as my way of life at age 15, I can truly appreciate the reiterating of family in this article. Imam W. Deen Mohammed has given clear insight on the significance of spending time with family members during this season. We have to be able to see the "bigger picture" when it comes to family ties. Just as I invite my family over for Eid dinner (and they are Christian who respect my religious beliefs) I spend time with my (Christian) family during this season. If one is firmly rooted in the deen, there should be no fear or intimidation to be around family members, co-workers, or people in general just because it is "Christmas". We don't stop living because of someone else's doctrine or belief. May Allah bless us to be an ummah upholding the banner of Al-Islam as it was upheld by Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) and all of his companions (s.a.w.) Allahu Akbar!

Munna Almasri, Chicago, IL, USA - wrote on 12/9/2003 6:21:05 PM
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Comment:Assalamu Alaikum, This message is in response to your responders lema nadamar, Abdulwasiu and Leanne. I feel this article made clear that it is RESPECT for others religions that we should be thinking of, not helping them celebrate their beliefs. The article mentioned that for some Christians, they seem to be more concerned with gift-giving than the celebration of the birth of Jesus, Peace be upon him. You do not have to be a part of the celebration, but do be respectful, just as I hope you would want others to be respectful of your religion and your religious celebrations. Showing good faith goes a long way! For Leanne, Welcome, Sister! And Congratulations! I pray for you and your betrothed to live a long happy life together, InshaAllah. May Allah reward him and you as you enter Islam. I am sure Jesus, Peace be upon him, is very important to you now. Know that coming into Islam does not change that! He is important to all Muslims as a great Prophet sent to us by Allah. InshaAllah, you will accept that Allah had sent a last prophet in Mohammed, Peace be upon him, and had sent the Holy Quran to clear up all the questions caused by humans changing the words of his other prophets, including our beloved Prophet Jesus, Peace be upon him. May Allah Bless you! Salam, Peace, Truly, Munna

Tariq, Chicago - wrote on 12/9/2003 10:00:33 AM
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Comment:I think this article addresses a very valid apprehension amongst many muslims. Should I? or Should'nt I? Muslims need to stop Delineating and start representing.

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