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Asma, Hyderabad - wrote on 3/7/2012 9:00:58 AM
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Comment:Lovely article which is applicable for all Muslim women in all countries for all times.

Haleema, Edgewood, MD - wrote on 11/11/2011 8:26:18 AM
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Comment:Ma Sha Allah, Jazakaallah Khayran. I'm a new Shahada this article was very benificial for me,especially teaching sisters how to deal with discrimination. My ALLAH guide us all to the straight path. and may HIS peace and blessing be apon us .

Maryam, Raleigh - wrote on 3/22/2011 9:49:44 PM
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Comment:Barakah Allaahu Feeekum. A well-written article, maa shaa Allaah.

Rhonda, Vestavia Hills - wrote on 9/15/2010 5:16:39 PM
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Comment:Asalaamu alaikum, This article is very inspiring. Thank you for writing it. There are many Sisters who want to "do" something and I think this article may give some of those Sisters direction. I know it has inspired me.

sagalina, Minnesota - wrote on 7/8/2010 7:09:17 PM
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Comment:Mansha Allah my fellow sisters. I am glad because this is awake up call for many of us. I am going into education where I can to be an Elementary teacher. After volunteering at the local schools, I saw that there are many things that our Muslim sister have weakness. There sister are not very involved in their children's education. They do not know what is being taught to their childre. They don't take the time an energy to make sure their children are reading at grade level and are in their best behavior. I will advice many Muslim sister who are mother to please understand the importance of education and muslim behavior. We want out children to be the future leaders and to be rol-model for the christian childre. But when out chilren are always the truoble makers, no one will want to follow or understand out riligion. May Allah, The Almightly guide us to the right path, and make us meet in Janatul firdowsa Insha Allah.

John, Salt Lake - wrote on 4/23/2010 12:29:54 AM
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Comment:I am a Christian and Studying Islam to Build Understanding and Peace between the different Views and I Find this site The Best to Read the Holy Quran,, But Get a Look at what Islam is. Thank You and May Peace be Upon you All.

MRS BHATTY, HOUSTON TX 77083 - wrote on 2/10/2010 5:36:43 PM
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Comment:i did my job well done.i raised my children very well behave.my daughter finish quran in 8 years and son was readig 9 para.my husband never at home even sunday .when i know he has girl friend and i asked him .he said i am going.you and children no more my responsibility.in 2006.

Rayhanah, UK - wrote on 11/14/2005 1:59:20 PM
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Comment:Asalam mu alay kum, This is the kinda motivation that sistas out there need and hopefully this will encourage them to take part in givin dawah and become strong both spiritually and mentally so mashallah. May Allah guide us to the straight path ameen. Wa alay kum salam.

Jean Muhammad, West Haven, CT - wrote on 8/31/2005 3:01:23 PM
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Comment:As-Salaam Alakium Sisters, I just read the material that the sister wrote for the women in Islam and being seen in our community, to advocate for our muslim sisters. I'm a social worker going back into the workforce after raising my 4 year old who is now in school. Many people have many questions about the sisters dress and wearing the hijab and our rights as women. I'm glad that I'm at in the community trying to make a difference for the women of GOD.

yasmin mohamud, columbus, ohio - wrote on 6/8/2004 5:24:11 PM
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Comment:Mashaallah! i liked it overall and my Allah increase our knowledge and make us the survivors of this earth on the day of judgement. I applaud the sisters who come up with this idea and would encourage them to continue with their efforts, and may Allah reward them accordingly for wanting to share their knowledge with us. Amiin May Allah mercy be with us at all times.

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