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Khalida, Wash,DC USA - wrote on 7/20/2003 1:04:01 AM
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Comment:As Salaam Alikum, I am happy that Allah opened up your heart to live by, what he has presriced for his female slaves. I just recently started wearing Hijab almost a year now, and this has been the best year of my life!!! TABIR!!! TABIR!!! TAKBIR!!! May Allah help all his beleiving slaves to stay on the straight path and perform our duties sincerely for his sake. Ameen

dont know, al arz-allah - wrote on 7/8/2003 3:16:35 AM
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Comment:i fully support all above comments of all nice people and nice religion islam

shezana, london - wrote on 6/7/2003 4:12:20 PM
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Comment:salaamz, subhanaallah!!!!!!!! i'm 14 and i also wear a hijab,i only started a week ago but i feel great. i feel your pain bout losin ur frends ( but aleast u only lost dem wen u went 2 da other side of the world). ive lost them because they think im going ova da limit wid islam, we r in the same class an every fink. but they wont associate wid me as much. coz they think im a religious freak. well anywayz good on u sister. after reading this article i feel i wanna keep my hijab, as i was havig second thorts. wasaalam.

Ajmina, / - wrote on 6/6/2003 5:25:02 PM
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Comment:Mash Allah u where able to where hijab. but i wont well i dont think so any way two of my friends are muslim one wheres it already (we are 12) the other wont where it till she is married. i belive u should only where hijad if u feel it is right my mother does not where one and i do not feel it is right either. but i am glad that u dont care wat others think and listen to yr self, marsh allah. p.s i dont care wat other people think i do wat i belive is right and do as much as i can to contrabute to Islam.

saira , england - wrote on 5/29/2003 7:00:15 AM
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Comment:sallam i think that was great mash-allah!i hope all the other muslim sisters in the world have the strengh and wisdom to wear a hijab. sallam

sania, manchester - wrote on 5/11/2003 1:35:02 PM
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Comment:ASALAAMULAIKUM! MASHAA ALLAH! this article is an article that ne1 can lern from. im 15 and have been on hajj with my family. since i hav been back iv started 2 wear hijaab. even @ skool where u wud only see about 4 muslims girls in hijaab and the rest in tight fitted trousers some with head scarves and some with different hair styles every day!!! the 1st day i wore hijaab 2 skool pple asked me "how cud u wear hijaab so quickly in life" my answer "i just can and i feel great!" im tellin u about my skool coz about 80% of the skool r muslim. WAS SALAAMULAIKUM!

Sister in Islaam, London - wrote on 1/8/2003 1:43:35 PM
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Comment:Salaamz to all my dear brothers and sisters...(this is a long one, but please bear with me...)MashaAllah, it is a very intreaguing article...I really relate to this sister, I myself was in her position not so long ago...where nothing makes sense... Alhumdulillah, a million times over, through many trials of life, and after feeling the sense of the depth of disgrace, Allah (Subhana WaTa'ala) chose to bring me out from the depth of darkness into the light...Life has been very different ever since... EVERYTHING, makes sense, every pain, every tear, every joy...My mother went home for good (To the sweet embrace of Allah, InshaAllah), a few months back, and SubhanAllah, Allah has made it so that we feel no regret, pain, or anger...No remorse of wanting her back...Alhumdulillah, everything happens for a reason...She had her time on earth, and her time ended...but ours still remains, we're still doing time on this earth...Alhumdulillah, Allah has indeed given us a wealth of relief, since those few moments of hardship...My father is marrying again, and it indeed feels like one of the happiest moments of our lives...He deserves this...MashaAllah, a beautiful mother of a beautiful 12 year old (my future lil sister), my future mother, deserves my father's love, after being a single mother since her daughter was born, she has focused her life simply on living for Allah and raising her daughter with the finest Islamic values... This is a relief from Allah for her patience...Again, however, peaople expect us (the children) to be justified in feeling jealous, upset, and uncomfortable ...But, a true Mu'min does not feel uncomfortable with Allah's Gracious Mercy, a Mu'min embraces Allah's Mercy with open arms... This is what it means to understand Allah's ways, and I'm sure this sister will greatly relate, when I say that there is an amazing sense of peace in understanding Allah's ways His Mercy, and His Will...And it took me many hard lessons in life to undertand that...I pray InshaAllah, that I finally have... And that He gives every Muslim, dwelling hardships, of any kind, this undertanding...Aameen...Beacuse every second in life has a purpose and a meaning...Allah has made it so, that a true Muslim never fails to understand Allah's Wisdom, regarding the mishaps, and mystries of life...Reasons for which are for Allah to know, and every human to discover...!!!

Siti Hawa, Singapore - wrote on 12/30/2002 4:48:25 AM
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Comment:Alhamdulillah.It takes such great courage and believe to do so.I hope others wil have the heart & courage that u have. InsyaAllah

Zarah Ali, Birmingham (uk) - wrote on 12/25/2002 11:35:15 AM
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Comment:786 Asalamolakum sis, I think you were great alhumduliilah may allah bless you and your family and friends and all our muslim bros and great sisters like you AMEEN. Hey Baj,im in the same postion as what you were in a couple of years at the moment,i find it hard but its got to be done. I have 2 supporting members of my family were may allah bless both ameen, they are helping me out, But baj can you get back to me on my e-mail address cuz i need some great advice off you inshallah MAY ALLAH KEEP YOU HAPPY AMEEN FROM YOUR MUSLIM SISTER ZARAH.

Abidah Akhtar, Nelson - wrote on 10/31/2002 10:49:19 AM
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Comment:keep up the imam!! mashallah u've come this far and been brave so be more confident and think of Allah always. inshallah u will do it.

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