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Salma, NJ - wrote on 4/23/2003 1:53:47 AM
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Comment:It saddens me to no extent to see the confusion and desire of so many young Muslim men and and women. I know what an extremely big deal the Senior Prom can be. I know, because I have gone through it. I find it sad that you have such a negative portrayal of the Prom. The truth is, the PROM in general should not be linked to sex and alcohol. The prom is sponsored by the school and teachers and the principal are the chaperones. In fact, alcohol is not permitted at the event, so it difficult to comprehend the fact that students would be drunk at the prom. What students do after the prom, going to clubs, renting hotel rooms, has nothing to do with what the school sponsors. It is possible for a person to go to the prom and then to go home. I know this, because this is what I did. I consider myself to be a faithful Muslim woman. I attended my Senior prom and have no regrets. It was made very clear to my senior class that alcohol would not permitted; and none was. It was a joy to dress up in a beautiful gown that covered every inch of my body and attend a ballroom with my classmates and my teachers. My principal was even there. I had no date for the prom, as I went with a group of my friends. My point in the whole matter is that the Prom should not be regarded as a sin or as filth. I do not in any way or form regret going to the prom. No one was drunk at my prom. We mingled, drank coke, and wished each other well in our futures. I went straight home after the prom. My friends continued on to post-prom parties. I can say with utmost confidence that I will allow my son or daughter to attend his or her senior prom. It is a night to be spent with their classmates and teachers. If they are faithful to their religion, they will not drink afterwards or use the night to "lose their virginity". I thanked Allah for allowing me to attend the senior prom. The fact that I was able to tightened my resolve with my religion and enabled me to embrace it. I did not feel like a left out teenager. And I never once, ever, forgot Allah.

A Bro, Sumwhere - wrote on 4/9/2003 12:50:25 PM
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Comment:It deeply saddens me to see Muslims reach the state where they're debating as to whether or not it is Halal or Haraam to attend a prom! Fear Allah (SWT) is all I have to say! Ask yourselves this - would you be there if Rasulullah (Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalaam) was here today? Would you even be there, knowing your parents had full knowledge of what happens there? I think not! P.s. My mate Bashir from London made a typo - it was supposed to be such, not sicu. And he's totally right!!!

bashir, london - wrote on 4/9/2003 12:42:06 PM
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Comment:well, as muslims we shouldnt even think of attending sicu an event. how can one think of ALLAH (swt) and thank Him for being able to attend a prom. even if one doesnt drink, dance or has intercourse on the night, what the eye can see on such a night is bad enough as it is... may Allah (swt) guide me, and all my brothers and sisters in Islam.

Jonathan , Dayton, TN - wrote on 3/7/2003 10:57:57 PM
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Comment:While I am not a Muslim and disagree with the teaching of the Quran, I find this article to be totally accurate in its portrayal of the American "Prom Night." I especially agree with the idea that the night is worshipped. As I am a born again Christian, my main concern is for Christian youths. Unfortunately most of them put their prom ahead of Jesus Christ which equates to idolatry. No Christian has any business in an atmosphere of sin such as that. I only wish that Christians in general would stand up against this damaging immorality as the Muslims do.

Narissa, Miami - wrote on 1/6/2003 11:27:16 PM
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Comment:im a muslim who just went to prom, its nothing like wat the article says it is. its a bunch of friends getting together and eating dinner and having fun. i dont see anything wrong with listening to music and dancing with ur friends. some of my closest friends are guys. no one drinks at prom. yes, people do other things AFTER prom but thats very limited. truly. the clubs are too packed w/ older adults to have fun and youre just with your friends. its a time to relax before college. its not haram. we praise Allah everyday and its not like we're not praising him now. he got us through high school and our hard times. he made us stronger with obstacles that were placed before us. it is he dat made us who we are now. prom is a night for having fun and reflecting of what allah did for us in our own way, not for forgetting allah.

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