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muslimah101, birmingham uk - wrote on 8/11/2010 1:25:16 PM
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Comment:prom iz totaly haram wether u go nd sit der doin nofin or u dance da nyt off a avnt finished ma secondry skl yet bt a wld go kuz ma religion kumz 1st may allah guide uzz al 2 da strayt path AMIIN YA ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anisa, London - wrote on 4/9/2005 10:47:58 AM
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Comment:I think what u gues have written is alright....But i do think that u could have written how it is Haram..and persuade the young people not to go to the prom..Anyway there r soo many Islamic students who wants to go to the prom, and see it as the last day of having fun, and think that if they miss this oppertunity of a Gall night they will never have it again....Personally I dont see how this would help me! I am being honest and i dont see the examples of why we should not go to the prom, if u can promise urself that u will stay away from all the baad things that happens there... My prom is in 1 month time...and i decided not to go, because after the prom I would have asked myself why i went there..and I will start to think about the consequences there would be for me when I am dead...BUT still Whoever wrote this about the prom...I DONT SEE WERE U R HELPING THE TEENAGERS!...Stop giving examples of peoples who went to their prom and regrets it...and give some facts about why why AND why!!!!

Maryam, US - wrote on 8/31/2004 9:23:48 PM
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Comment:Prom is one big haram. It allows the free mixing of men and women, and especially in a haram way (dancing and music). Whether you participate in the dancing or not, you shouldn't even be there. The people there are doing haram. And just the music itself is haram (it is kufr music that drives you away from the remembrance of Allah swt). Would you go to a bar to hang out and then say "well, I'm not drinking, so it is okay"? It is not okay. You cannot say that such an establishment in itself is okay. It is a haram business, and going there shows means that you are okay with its existence. One night is no excuse. It should be "never". And this article, while it describes mostly what goes on after the prom, still has the right message "Don't go to prom". This goes for brothers too.

umm...., - wrote on 8/22/2004 6:18:00 PM
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Comment:UMM...isn't it haram just to GO to the prom?? Seriously...to go and watch ppl dancing and doing haram things??

Ayan Elmi, Seattle,Washington - wrote on 8/7/2004 11:54:08 PM
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Comment:Asalmunaleykum, It doesn't surprised me when I read some of the comments. I know many Muslim teens love to go prom. I am 18 and I graduated last two months ago and I never attend prom. I also never attend many resembly or activities because many of these things is against my Sweet religion "ISLAM" I love to make Allah happy and I can't wait to meet him. Just remember whenever you do think before you do because there might be some things that Allah don't like you to do. Asalmunaleykum, May Allah increase our faith.May Allah bless all Muslims all over the world.

Myra Abd@, Australia - wrote on 6/30/2004 9:35:07 PM
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Comment:i think it's very true about prom. i went to my friends party, which i was invited to since i didn't go to her school. they actually rented an island off perth, where i live, called Rottnest Island. it was utter chaos. the police were called in because all the boys had gone WAY too rough. there was motels where you could here them in action and there was guys and girls sharing joints and XTC. it was so horrible that my group went to the farthest corner of the islandm, avoiding the others. when i have children, i would absolutely forbid them to go to proms.

Ayat, Windor, Can. - wrote on 6/27/2004 11:13:39 PM
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Comment:I find this article very sad. The fact that you people debate wether prom is halal or haram. First of all i am a muslim and i did go to my prom resently. Nothing happened at the actual prom, yes some people get carried away with there dancing thinking this is their last day to do all these things, and there are after parties that you choose to attend. The point is anything can be halal or haram depending on the way you choose to do it. example, going to prom is and isnt haram. If you drink, smoke, and have sex after, thats the haram, but if your there to have fun with your friends and teachers thats not. If a girl or guy has high beliefs than they for themselves will know whats right or wrong without anyone telling them. And you dont have to go home right after... me and my friends had an after party together... that was the most memorable night and nothing haram happened, thats the point of your last day of highschool. salamo 3alaykum

Sister, New Jersey - wrote on 5/1/2004 7:35:47 AM
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Comment:I am a muslim college student at this point of time. I would like to say that this article is just totally off-limits to some extent. I am not saying that it is HALAL to go to the prom, but the descriptions given here only happen in the dirtiest places in the world. In any case, I personally had a 'muslim' prom in which only muslim females rented a hall and we had our own fun. We danced ate and had our night to remember. People need to understand that Islam does not forbid you from having fun. You CAN and NEED to have fun in this world, but we must always remember Allah and his blessings in the meanwhile. In anycase, for all those students who will soonm graduate, I highly recommend a get together with your muslim pals, maybe go to a restaraunt and just have something to put in as a memory of the day you finished high-school. Goodluck to all. And may allah bless and guide as all to the straight path inshallah. Salamz

A muslimah, Jerzee - wrote on 7/30/2003 7:37:08 PM
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Comment:I am personally not going 2 do those things ... It's my personal opion. Plus when u drink I think it makes ur perception off and it makes you do stupid things

murid, toronto - wrote on 5/26/2003 1:04:20 AM
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Comment:Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, As muslims we must make our presence known. I too went to my Prom, nothing "bad" happened. No acting out or real thing harami actions. No alcohol and sexual behaviour. Perhaps after in private settings but not in my sight. What does this do? It helps me stay strong, Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said "No monkery in Islam!" That means no hiding out like a monk,where is the Jihad in that? What else does attending do? Have you under estimated the Baraka of Allah. When Muslims are present, and are there in numbers and give an example, and a contrast. (hey! he/she isn't drinking or being a goof and is still smiling-hey! If it works, why don't I try it?) It spreads! How can it spread when we don't even make our presence and practices known! inshallah, maybe a Prom in the future will consist of a majority of mu'mins and mu'minaat. How will that be if we hide in "monkery". In fact many "white-non-muslim" friends of mine respect me so much that they too have adopted no alcohol socials. They are happy to know there are people here who don't indulge in that. It is our duty to give those a place to turn! Subhanallah! May Allah guide us rightly and bless us all!

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