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Page url: http://www.soundvision.com/Info/teens/stat.asp

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Grace, California - wrote on 11/3/2004 12:33:13 PM
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Comment:This site is exceptionally written, however I think there should be a statistic on total crime committed by teens in the US.

Tara, MO - wrote on 10/26/2004 8:57:58 PM
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Comment:These statistics were great! I only needed the statistic about STD's for my informative speech but I read the rest because they were really interesting. Thanks a lot!

Morgan, Los Angeles - wrote on 10/24/2004 4:43:53 PM
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Comment: these statistics r great but its MUCH different when you are actually living the life of a teen right now. im only thirteen and u wont believe how much sh*t im exsposed to already. ALL of my friends have drank at parties, had or come close to having sex, and have smoked, and they r all 13 to. I think its mostly because we look much older than we are so we think we can act like were 18. its sad but true, this generation is growing up 2 fast.

ALexis, Bronx,New york - wrote on 10/6/2004 11:38:19 AM
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Comment:This artical was great and it really helped me on my research paper

Marissa, AZ, USA - wrote on 10/5/2004 7:43:01 PM
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Comment:this site provided the info i was looking for! it was a great help--and a real astonishment of how many teens are sexually acive!!! according to this information about 950 kids at my highschool are sexually active!! that's crazy---people should remember that protection is important--and abortion should never ever be a choice--it's completely inappropriate!

Anna, Charlotte, NC, USA - wrote on 9/29/2004 9:00:26 AM
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Comment:KAYLE just wanted to let you know that they ARE called BLACKS and i see You live in canada, maybe its different there, but here, in AMERICA, the country that this report was written about, they do call african americans blacks......so my advice: keep your 2 cents to your self if your not positive that its 100% correct.

headlessboggey, - wrote on 8/29/2004 5:26:48 PM
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Comment:omg this is soo great everything i needed to try and blend in with the cool kids at school yes! thanks a bunch! now i know what to do!

Ashley, Washington - wrote on 8/17/2004 3:21:05 PM
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Comment:i love this site. it brings kids to reality. i put most of these in my diary telling and warning kids not to do these things or to tell if someone hurts them. i think this helps kids out a lot.

Haley, US - wrote on 8/7/2004 7:47:29 PM
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Comment:To Kayle: the term "black" is used correctly on this page. Bkac is politically correct.

kash, California - wrote on 8/3/2004 8:21:48 PM
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Comment:I was lookin a Statistics bout teen involved in sex and drugs...i got the exact info..yeah...!!!

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