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Ali, S., USA - wrote on 5/19/2005 3:28:20 PM
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Comment:Salaam. Excellent coverage on a critical issue in Islam today. Unfortunately we have to take it upon ourselves to differentiate between what we have been taught through one's CULTURE VS the true essence of Islam. The racism I have witnessed throughout my life within the Muslim community has troubled me deeply. I chose to marry outside of my culture (but married a pious, PRACTICING revert to islam) and have been shunned at the hands of the pakistani community I am from. It is a sad state of affairs for born muslims to feel they are superior simply because they were born into Islam or are of Arab desent. Every time we allow people to practice UNislamic ways in the ummah, we are allowing Islam to be changed from it's natural state. Very well articulated!

Dr Ansari., Aligarh. - wrote on 4/19/2005 11:30:53 AM
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Comment:A very nicely highlighted the problems among muslims.Even muslim ulema,religious scholar are not avert to these customs,n unislamic practices.

sajid, uk - wrote on 2/16/2005 6:14:27 PM
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Comment:Salaams, thank you for highlighting this ugly subject.I am Pakistani and see this ugliness called racism show itself too often.Your highlighting of the effect of living with our Indian subcontinent counterparts and the effect they have had on us through their caste system was spot on.This is especially damaging to new brothers and sisters, who will inevitably have come from different backgrounds, cultures and will probably not be the same skin colour .They come into Islam as new born babies and every muslim to them is a muslim ,not black, white,Bengali,Pakistani,Indian, African,American,Chineese....the list goes on, and when they see this racism it shocks them.It is not your cultural background that is important here but your Deen and your application of it.I will give you an example .It is known that Pakistanis look down on Bengalis, but in my local mosque , we had our first student who became hafiz of Quran, a Bengali ,He also led the teraweeh prayers , so irrespective of whether you were a lawyer, solicitor, doctor,Pakistani , Indian, Arab,You had to follow salaat behind him , when he went into sajdah , you had to follow his lead, what ever action and what time he did it , you had to follow, this is the high status ALLAH has given this person.Not because of his nationally, not because of his caste, not bacause of his skin colour ,but because of his sacrifice he has made as a muslim to become hafiz.You are a muslim or you are not , thats how simple it is.I ask for FORGIVENESS if i have offended any one in making this comment , that was not my intention,and implore all muslims not to belittle any other muslim because of his ethnical background,Wa salaam

jibreel, California - wrote on 5/26/2004 2:52:13 PM
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Comment:Assalaamu alaykum, This article is very good. It is true that there are a couple of racists in the Ummah and it is becoming a big problem for us as Muslim. On one particular instance, a brother of mine who is Mexican, as myself, went to a "Pakistani" mosque, as if there is such a place please; there he got the usual question, where are you from? He said Mexican, the other brother said Mexican? As if being Mexican annulled your Islam. Unfortunately, what this brother didnít realize was that what count is your deen not your nationality. :)

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