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mahmood khan , sydney australia. - wrote on 10/12/2002 10:36:59 AM
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Comment:my apologies for attributing the article to Dr Qardawi.( for whom I have a very high regard) I had misread the authors name.Dr Kidwai must be coplimented for his extensive research. There is only one translation of the Quran_The Quran itself .It is inimitable!The translations in English do not do any justice to this Masterpiece.It is mandatory to learn Arabic if one is serious about understanding The Quran. Like BR.Hamza told the taxidriver "you want to study THe Queens English to find a job? How about studying THe Kings Language to understand your own religion.Yet this in itself is a miracle.That so many an "educated muslim " goes through life quite content not having bothered to learn Arabic.Subhanallah..imagine the unparalleled hyperbole the metaphorical expressions,The oxymorons ,the classic prose which was heralded by the Revelation at a time when Arabic poetry was at the zenith of its time. And here comes the unprecented miraculous prose/poetry.Does any other Book dare challenge this presentation/

mahmoudkhan , sydney - wrote on 10/11/2002 10:49:00 AM
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Comment:thank you very much for taking the trouble and making this effort. May Allah rewrd you. Insha Allah I must point out subject to correction that non arabic speaking people who are fluent in urdu do indeed find Maudoodis Tafhim as fascinating effort. Note that Urdu was derived from Arabic and farsi. The English version of Maudoodis Tafhim by A.A. Kamal (muradpuri) is very informative ,in spite of the so called "Fragmentated English" Iam surprised that BR Kardawi has not mentioned The Message of THe Quran,(Athar Hussein) (Lucknow).This is a very interesting " compendium and abridgement" .the Author states "that the translation is dreived from the works" of the notable scholars,(so aptly nominated by you , viz Yusuf Ali , Pickthall Maududi,Asad and a Dr. Latif ( Not in your List ) .I believe this is an ideal presentation for those who have reverted to Islam. Copies are very hard to obtain but Inshallah soon some copies will be printed pending perusal perhaps by your goodself.(or can you recommend someone Please)I had hunted desperately and found a copy Neither have you mentioned " In The Shade of the Quran "By Sayed Qutb. Nor have you commented on the newer English version of Ibn Qaseers Translation and tafseer.Mahmood Khan Sydney

Janette Hashemi, Australia - wrote on 10/5/2002 8:53:19 PM
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Comment:I always recommend A.Y.Ali or M.M.Pickthall to non-muslims and new muslims, certainly not Khan and Hilali's which is freely available at mosques by the truck load. Shame. Ali and Pickthall are hard to get.

Maryam, Melbourne - wrote on 9/25/2002 2:02:43 AM
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Comment:Salaam, I thought the review was a little harsh at times eg. Asad's discussion of abrogation isn't "unorthodox" just a minority viewpoint, and AFAIK he doesn't "deny" the miraculous events happening he promotes metaphorical or allegorical interpretations of them. Nevertheless his translation is not free from his particular bias (as no translation ever could be). I would have also been a lot more critical of the Muhsin & Khan translation which is simply listed in the group of works, but which thoroughly interpolates Wahabi-Salafi doctrine into the text of the translation (at least Yusuf Ali, Asad etc. kept a lot of that to the footnotes). I didn't get a clear 'this is a good translation to read' but I thought the comment at the end was pretty apt. Back to the beginners Arabic books... Maryam

Lori, Miami, FL USA - wrote on 9/24/2002 11:35:11 AM
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Comment:Unfortunately, this article made me more confused about the English Translations of the Qu'ran now more than ever. So is there a reliable English translation of the Qu'ran or not???

Lori, Miami, FL USA - wrote on 9/24/2002 11:35:04 AM
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Comment:Unfortunately, this article made me more confused about the English Translations of the Qu'ran now more than ever. So is there a reliable English translation of the Qu'ran or not???

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