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Jenny , Ruston, Louisiana - wrote on 11/15/2004 12:34:10 AM
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Comment:I come from one of the poorest states in the nation and what I think people often forget is that poverty is measured in wealth and not quality of life. People so unjustly deemed poor may live a better home life than a family who has grown up with millions. Yes there is a problem, yes it needs to be addressed, but I think it is hypocritical to criticize a problem you can't understand. Most of the people on this website are working from a personal or school funded computer so please tell me how poor YOU are. Get involved!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy, denver, co - wrote on 10/13/2004 7:43:52 PM
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Comment:i just came upon this article, but cannot find the date it was written. as of right now, there is no surplus, there is a federal budget deficit. but, more importantly, why does this happen? i don't think education is the answer, people know about it, they just don't care. look at who has the power in this country, it isn't the poor people, it is the wealthy. this is SUPPOSED to be a country of equal opportunity, but look at the differences in our schools. we have rich, good schools and poor, bad schools where not only are the schools in disrepair, lack adequate books, technology and money, but the children face violence, in school. columbine in colorado, everybody listened because it was a wealthy area...well, nobody even bothers to report on school violence in the poor schools. poverty is never going to be decreased in america until we give people equal opportunity, such as equal access to education and address america's classism which has become more apparent during the last 4 years.

elly, england - wrote on 9/15/2004 11:30:25 AM
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Comment:at this moment in time i have been set a major presentation on poverty. There are many aspects on poverty which i am going to cover. by reading this article has really give me an insight in to poverty in america. thanks very much. i hope this article gives help to others the same as it has given me. thanks agen ;-)

Ajisai, NY - wrote on 9/12/2004 10:36:23 AM
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Comment:A lot of other people have the same reason for loving this article as I did. High School research paper. Do they all want to make SURE we know about all the little nasties in life nowadays? Bleh. Yeah. Your article was great! Thanks again! ^_^ Er... wow... some people posting comments need to watch thier grammer...

Yassir Obeid, Ames, IA - wrote on 8/31/2004 8:46:37 PM
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Comment:Jazakum Allah kair for this informative article. it really helped me in my research. It would be nice if the dates of stats could be updated for any changes over the course of the past 5-6 years. thanks again.

Abdul Mohamed, Austin. US - wrote on 6/3/2004 5:51:14 PM
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Comment:The statastics provided hurt a lot to see so many people right in here are dying amidst plenty!! It appears the system of democracy has to be refined a bit so that the gap between the haves and have not is narrowed . Our democracy has unfortunately increased the gap and one sees 1% of the haves are allowed to create such situations with impunity. May be before we embark on this collossal task of rectifying the political situation, we could ,as one writer suggest, learne not to waste and be able to provide the poor what they need by mobilising everone to play ones part in bringing about an equitable distribution of basic requirements to the downtrodden people. There must be a way to start charity at home first and educate the mass as to what is required to be done to improve the situation. If our situation is so precarious imagine the situation in the underdeveloped countries, Africa and India. A plan need to be worked out soon .

Gabriela, New York City, Ny - wrote on 5/26/2004 7:34:54 PM
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Comment:This article was extremely informative, it really gets you to think about the situatuation of the worls, and where we're headed. Thanks for the information the stats helped me to complete a project for this "Justice and Peace," course i'm taking.

David, Massachusetts - wrote on 5/20/2004 10:50:14 PM
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Comment:I just watched a special on NBC on Oprah Winfry in Africa. It caused me to ponder where did the one can of beans come from in my kitchen; the market of course, and to think about the hundreds upon thousands of cans of beans in other markets in other cities. It's an endless circle of thought---where did it come from and to where does it go. I was stationed in Spain while in the Navy, and my wife and I saw so much poverty. Once while we traveled to a small village, a small child came and begged for something. I gave him a few Pesatas, equal to perhaps a dollar ot two. He was so grateful and he cried. That could buy him and his family bread for a week. I quess I'm seaching, why in America? The thought of as the richest country in the world. Thanks for listening.

john, austin - wrote on 5/15/2004 10:47:00 AM
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Comment:I have to comment for Sean from California. It's important to not generalize. When you assume to know who's "generally stupid," but can't spell or use the proper words to express your chosen idiom, you become "generally stupid" yourself.

Will, Chicago - wrote on 5/9/2004 1:08:54 PM
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Comment:Thanks for the great article. I have to write a 7 page paper on minimum/living wage in Ameica. I have one question for anyone to answer. You say Americans are wasting tons of food. That is a problem. So what should we do about that? Should we give all of our leftover food to poor people? Should we pack up our have eaten hamburgers, and ship them downtown to Cabrini Green where they can finish the meal? Wasting food is a big problem, but as I see it, the only thing we can do to stop wasting food is to stop buying so much. And even that wouldnt help the poor people everywhere. Thanks.

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