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Page url: http://www.soundvision.com/Info/poor/statistics.asp

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fallingleaves, DC - wrote on 11/29/2009 9:00:00 AM
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Comment:Mr.clean you make a useless, baseless point.what are you doing?

Mr Clean, Huntsville - wrote on 11/2/2009 12:44:39 PM
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Comment:This article does a good job at pointing out what we already know and most of us have experienced. The real issue here is why theres no article comparing how much we as a country donate to others while we lie still in ruin. Face it, rich people only give when it is popular or benefits them. Angelina Jolie would never give an american child a dime, but give her the opportunity to do it on television for a foreign nation noone really gives a crap about and she will give endless millions. endless millions that me and you as americans gave her.

Kati Trombley, Waterford - wrote on 10/15/2009 8:24:55 PM
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Comment:Very informational!! Definetly an eye opener. Thanks

jo, - wrote on 9/30/2009 2:44:40 PM
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Comment:america is very wastefull.... but nobody realizes that what they are throwing away could be gold to somebody else...

Mr. k g byrnes Sr., - wrote on 5/24/2006 5:37:26 PM
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Comment:found the info we couldn't all day on other sites

Marrcela, poopland - wrote on 3/8/2006 11:36:55 PM
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Comment:wowzers. this was an amazing piece of inforrmation. thanks a lott. folks

jake, CA - wrote on 2/16/2006 3:42:15 AM
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Comment:xcellent thing. It is soooo good that the teachers at my school used it in their lectures

james dickerson, boston,ma - wrote on 1/27/2006 10:58:16 AM
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Comment:I think if more people read this article they would realize how unjustfully wasteful america is, but I also believe people would open thier eyes to the suffering that is happening in our back yards. I just don't understand how we can have people starving with as many resources that we have. I think this country needs to take a deep look into where their priorities lie.

Tim, USA - wrote on 1/9/2006 2:34:23 PM
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Comment:This article is OK, but it doesn't cover all aspects of poverty in America. The following link is to an article that defines what poverty is, it's easy to through out the word and think about starving children in third world countries. However, being poor in America means you probably live in a house with a microwave, 2 color tv's, have air conditioning, own a car, and have cable or satellite television. http://www.heritage.org/Research/Welfare/bg1713.cfm

Tim, Syracuse NY - wrote on 1/9/2006 2:21:06 PM
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Comment:This site is wonderful. As a student in a poor high school, I see this poverty as a daily dose of reality. In this article there are many great facts. Now i have just seen it so i have not read all the stats that you have posted. But i will also be using some information in this piece for a debate that I am going to be in. And i will make sure to site all of my sources and pass along the word about your site.

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