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Page url: http://www.soundvision.com/Info/poor/statistics.asp

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Drew, - wrote on 2/5/2004 1:40:03 PM
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Comment:This website shows true facts about our country and it's problems.

sweetpea76, Ky - wrote on 2/2/2004 10:41:52 AM
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Comment:This is a very good website. i found it while researching for a poverty project. i found some valuable inforamtion. I am trying to help decrease poverty rates.

Nick, Sweden - wrote on 1/28/2004 8:09:01 PM
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Comment:Don't forget that the poverty rate in America is almost the same as any other industrial country. I'm Swedish, and Finland for example has just as a high poverty rate as the US, they also have a much smaller population and higher Gross Product per Capita. And the bar of being poor in America is much higher than other industrial countries too. Hypothetically if Sweden was an American state, around 40% of our population would be considered to be in poverty.

Amanda, Sweden - wrote on 1/16/2004 5:20:11 AM
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Comment:Hi I'm from sweden and i am doing a work on poverty in america! good facts!!

Delta Holloway, Laurel, Mississippi - wrote on 12/10/2003 9:35:55 AM
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Comment:Poverty is a huge issue in America although very few realize it. We should all lend a hand to someone in need. They will appreciate it more than we' ll ever know.

Thalia Santibanez, McAllen, Tx - wrote on 12/9/2003 10:20:43 PM
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Comment:Oh my god you are a lifesaver because you gave me awesome info on poverty and it's just really great that i found this site! because if i hadn't found info on poverty i would fail my speech class! thank you so much!

courtney, kentucky - wrote on 12/1/2003 8:47:19 PM
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Comment:I'm in 8th grade and I found a lot of *GREAT* info for my speech that I'm writing for Language Arts. It's really sad that all that was said is true and it's great that your putting it out there for everyone to find on their time! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Christi Smith, San Diego - wrote on 11/21/2003 5:58:16 PM
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Comment:We are also forgetting the effects poverty has on our children. They go to school hungry so they are not getting a good education, our schools are inadequate and do not intercede to help. Therefore they grow up uneducated,they learn poverty and so the cycle continues.

Sandy Bartone, California - wrote on 11/18/2003 1:36:08 AM
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Comment:Good website. I'd like to ask you to see my websites which explain (what I think) is the cause of world poverty. It's called "Employees are slaves & so are masters." http://www.geocities.com/sundiii

Jaime, Pittsburgh, PA - wrote on 10/21/2003 8:47:21 PM
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Comment:This site is very imformative, but where are the references? It seems to me that without references there is no validity in any of the information and thus there is no truth. I know there is a serious problem with poverty in the U.S. , but to ensure the intelligence and understanding level of its' citizens one must put forth some sort of proof for it's evidence in its' inference.

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