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Page url: http://www.soundvision.com/Info/news/hijab/hjb.nonhijabi.asp

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Esha Khan, Lahore - wrote on 8/11/2012 2:24:45 PM
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Comment:I'm from an extremely religious family , I perfrom my prayers, fast and do follow the Quran but I really don't feel like covering my head. My mom doesn't understand. This is my problem. Thanks a lot. This article was really good.

KHADEEJA , harare - wrote on 10/19/2009 3:19:31 PM
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Comment:assalaam alaiqum i am raised n bought up in an islamic country..this article is very informative!!jzk n keep it up...my 1 advice to all muslimahs when they say "we have to do the main pillars of islam n den do hijab OR LET US B READY N PURE OF HEART N DEN WE WILL THINK OF HIJAB" i dont no y ladies dont understand dat shaitaan is in our nafs n he will not let us do ne good n who is to say may b god forbids death knocks at our door!!! r we still goin to wait for our hearts to b ready for hijaab!! its faraz n we all ladies no dat..ne man seein our body parts n hair is gunnah for us ladies..d more we r indulge in dis world d farther we will b from deen...n shaitaan will not let us cover our selves untill we defeat him by wearin it slowly n den d taste of shyness n modesty will come on its own!!! our hearts dont have to b ready we our selves e to be ready for our deen!!

umm_maryam, somewhere in the dunyah - wrote on 9/28/2009 2:33:04 PM
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Comment:great article Masha ALLAH

Tom, Sanderson - wrote on 9/11/2009 10:44:39 AM
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Comment:My own daughter and nieces have experienced thier hair being yanked in mosque just because a couple of strands were peeking out. They then no longer wanted to return to mosque. Trust me a kind word will do more than physically hurting someone

Neyear, England - wrote on 3/26/2005 9:05:14 PM
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Comment:Assalam alaikum, I would like to thank the author of this article for highlighting a situation that is rife in western society. I am yet to wear a hijab as I feel it is a difficult step to take as the hijab is percieved with much prejudice in the west,and also I would like to establish more Islamic ways before portraying an outward symbol of my religion as wearing a hijab brings with it the responsibility of conveying Islam to the world. You as aperson are then symbolic of everything Islam represents and non-believers look to you to understand what Islam is. This is a difficult responsibility to undertake. This is why I feel it is a great shame that muslims are looking down at other muslims and judgng them when they more then anyone understand that only Allah almighty has the right to do judge as only He is aware of the purity of a persons heart. I have had first hand experience of being excluded for not wearing a hijab. It is a believers role to encourage not discourage those that wish to practise islam, and it is with the example that we as believers set that others will follow. keep up the good work. Huda Hafiz

Nadia, Virginia - wrote on 12/7/2004 3:55:37 PM
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Comment:As salaam alaikoom! This article was very interesting to read. I didnt know that our own muslims sisters would discriminate one that was just starting out, that is kind of rude i think. This article although, did give me a lot of good information on the outlook of hijab. As some other sisters here, I do not wear hijab, but inshallah one day I will. I have come to a point in my life where I think, no i know i am ready to wear it, but just to nervous to start. But I know that Allah[swt] knows my intentions and He will inshallah help me to start and complete my iman. Thank you for posting such a great article and enriching us with these points about Islam and hijab. May Allah[swt] always lead us in the right path and help those who are trying to get the courage [like me] to begin hijab...aameen. Iltemaz-e-dua, khuda hafiz-Nadia=)

Adeela, New Jersey - wrote on 11/29/2004 8:54:47 PM
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Comment:Salam. I am a "born" Muslim woman raised in America since the age of 5. I recently began wearing the Hijab on October 13th, 2004. I always tried to keep Allah in my heart and the fear of his punishments. I always prayed to Him to guide me towards the righteous ways. And Alhamdullah He did. After I began wearing the hijab I automatically changed my lifestyle and dressing, I began praying 5 times a day, and began really learning my religion from the Quran and Hadith. The one very important aspect I did learn about Hijab is that it is not just my scarf or the shawl I wear to cover my body or the long shirts or the loose pants, but it also is the hijab of my glance, my thoughts, my actions, and the hijab of my "neeyat", both for men and women. One can wear layers of clothing where no part of the body is seen and still stare, give flirting looks, flirtatiously chat with the opposite sex, etc. The one very important thing in the Quran is the Hijab of your glances for man and woman. I think a man or woman who lowers their glances in the presence of the opposite sex is much more in fear of Allah than someone who is all covered and still shamefully glancing away. I'm trying to adopt the Quranic ways with my Hijab, not only with my scarf or clothes but also with my glances and clean thoughts in my heart and mind, InshaAllah! I pray that Allah will guide all of our Muslim bothers and sisters towards the righteous ways. I think more emphasis should be given with the Hijab of the inner sole rather than ONLY the Hijab of the hair and body. Both are equally needed to follow the Islamic way of life. Salam.

Michael A.H. Ihsan, Chandler, Arizona - wrote on 10/21/2004 7:06:26 PM
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Comment:Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim Being born and raise in America and reverting back to my orginal way of life, Islam, and having the blessed experience to be raise in Islam by Imam W.D. Mohammed since 1975, I thank the Almighty Allah for this website and articles like this one. Not ever claiming to be holier then thou, but our muslims women here in America have never, ever faced the troubles that many of my muslims are facing now. My former wife worn her headwrap and made her top longer and pants in the same fashion as the medical uniform. Worn the whites shoes and has retired from the medical field as a nurse and has never been told to change her Islamic appearance. My three daughters attended public schools here and have never been told to take it off or go home. As I and the millions of followers of Imam Mohammed have learn, "Hijab" means to "cover". Cover that which will have attention drawn unto you in a negative way. This cover, covers your three stages of development, mental, physical and spiritual. I as a African-American Muslim male I like the dress of my middle-eastern sister with the full hijab, as it varies from country to country in our muslim world, but what I don't like is that the style of Hijab that America is portraying upon the muslim sister is what wrong, not the hijab itself. I must say openly that I was never taught that the Hijab style of dress as we see it today on the news daily is the "official dress of the muslim world,as ordained by Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) and can never change. Never read in the Holy Qu'ran that this Hijab garment is it and nothing else will do. Oh no! This is wrong to think that way. We are all changing everyday (insha-llah) by Islam and I truly believe that Prophet (PBUH) spoke of many changes to come through our growth in trying to perfect Islam in our lives. To cover ones self in her/his day, the full Hijab was needed for woman due to the envirnoment of the country as well as to the covering of oneself in Islam. "Black" is not the official color of Hijab is it? No, it is not. Once the sisters from outside America realise that they are free to let the Iman show more outwardly, and they realise that their husband are truly looking to see if she can follow Qu'ran on her own, ( as Allah has ordained) he will not be obligated to dress her. But the fear of letting her out makes him and others think negative thoughts about her, especailly to those sister who are not like her. There is no compusion in Islam, none of the million of sisters that follow Imam Mohammed have face this small misunderstanding about Hijab. The non-Islamic American have never outwardly attack the African American sisters like this, and that is because they've watched and learn Islam grow from within the country. Honestly speaking as your brother to both males and females muslim that (isha-llah) should be bless to read my comment(if printed) must understand, that the non-Muslim Americans are watching to see if you all are following closely to us, born and raise here. If you do as we have done as your guides in America you can live your religion out in America, because Allah has planned to raise Islam in America from within. Hijab is not a fighting issue amongst us here, We are glad and very proud to have, to see you come here, but not to fight over how to cover. Sisters, if your Deen or Din is right, or you on coming back to it, then cover yourself for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of what Aisha, Khalilah, Fatima,etc. have to say to you about how they dress compare to how you dress. Cover for the sake of Allah, wrap your head so that your beautiful attractive hair does not show, roll down your shelves and button the cuff, make sure that your shirt or top cover rear bumper and your front end is not even a worry, wear you pants loose, (because as the American non-Muslim women has learn the hard way, tight-fitting jean leads to an " negative medical itch") and make prayer. Then at the next jum'ah wear an traditional Hijab of a flowery colors and pattern that is in season, then change up again for the next Jum'ah. First hand knowledge has shown me that the Hijab is being changed in the back seat of sl500 as it speeds out of Riyadh crossing the bridge into Bahrain on a Friday night, sholud I say more about where that sister in at today. As many of us have read in this article that the "outward image does not necessarily mirror the inner image." I love this website, I love the articles and I tuly love those who speak out and those who are finding Islam to be "what America is telling you is not true Islam" is negative. Using the glossary of the website, I leave with this- "Hijab= ANY kind of veil-it. The facial Hijab is divided into two types: Niqab full facial covering, Khimar: partial facial covering, leaving the eyes exposed. It is said that the universe is what veils Allah from the creation. If you find the veil awe-inspirin, how much more awe-inspiring is the one behind the veil!" Allah-u-Akber. Sister don't get caught up on fashion, it will always go out of style. But style will always be "in-fashion" If you awe me with just your blue, green, brown, black eyes today at Juma'h and then smile at me again without the veil and your skirt-set is long and bright and not tight, to where I must gazed into your eyes but I can not placed them as the eyes that I saw last week and you then do your normal girl thing and laugh at me because I just can't remember, then Allah is smiling with us both. We are Muslims and we have placed Allah first and our Hijab is correct, for we are covered properly from within to where our outside is not an issue. I hope and pray that my comments makes this pages and I thank SoundVision for this website. Insha-llah remember we have made America accept Al-Islam ever since 1930, you have to decise if you are going to accept what is in place and then change up on them, and smile and keep them guessing. I love you all. May Allah continue to bless us to receive His Light of understanding. As-Salaam-Alaikum, your Brother Michael

Runna, South Carolina - wrote on 10/17/2004 2:03:45 AM
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Comment:As a Young Muslim Teenage Girl trying to understand and learn about her religion, I am yet to wear hijab. I have often thought about it, but do not consider myself ready. Before I wear hijab, I want to understand Islam and its principles. I do not want to be one of those people who do something while not understanding its meaning and purpose of it. I feel that the feeling of superiority that some Muslim women show towards those that are not yet ready to wear hijab is not right. Inshallah, in time, I will have studied Islam extensively, come to understand it, wear hijab, and help others reach the same point.

rabia, pakistan - wrote on 8/4/2004 12:05:55 PM
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Comment:very balanced, thorough, well-rounded and 'wise' article demonstrating the true spirit of Islam. tolerance, compassioin, and love. mashaAllah. Esp. useful were the otherwise uncommonly quoted examples of incidences relating to approach of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

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