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Page url: http://www.soundvision.com/Info/mothers/10thingsyoucando.asp

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nazmeen, new york - wrote on 3/10/2004 10:31:27 AM
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Comment:I recently had a friend who had a misunderstanding with her mom and refused to call her. I then shared information I read here....you are not to say "one hurtful word..treat her with nobility....heaven lies at the feet of thy mother". She called her mom and her mom thanked me. I only know from my life that a mother is that friend who is always there..........my mother is a pillar of strength after my pappa passed..may Allah reward her and pappa bountifully for imparting islamic knowledge to me. I picked up a magnet for my refridgerator recently...."if mothers were flowers....you'd be the one I'd pick". I love her immensely. Thank you Allah....I can pray for her, telephone her, send presents to her, give charity on her behalf, sing to her, send cards to her, hug her, cook for her, rub her feet, do her chores and compliment her!!!

Bin Jamil, London - wrote on 8/30/2003 12:14:26 PM
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Comment:SubhanAllaah, while my mother every single day of the year ask us what we would like to eat today, i have never actually asked her what her favourite dish is. SubhanAllaah. Great Article...

maha khan, UK - wrote on 6/10/2003 2:06:54 PM
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Comment:The best gift one can have from ALLAH is the GIFT OF A MOTHER, whom i appericate her so much with all my heart. The way i love my Creator and His messanger, thats how my feelings are there for my parents. To describe ones feeling for her is undescrible, there is no word that could express it in better form....love is only a word.its the action one should take and go a bit far to help her, dont wait for her to call you.son or daughter is the one who understands her mind and gets up before she opens her mobth. May Allah(swt) help and grant our mothers best place on both world with tranqulities, may He forgive her and us for any mistake one may do in ones life ameen. guys if u have a mother help her ever secod on your life...while u have the chance to prove and improve ur life style is through mother. giving her rating of score is too high. To my dearest Mother, Best friends are hard to find. True love is beautiful and so divine. My thought are trapped inside my head. When, I gently rest my head. Friendship is worth its weight in gold. Especially, when you are growing old. When help is needed, they are there, Their kindness, always comes with care. Children's friendship, young and old. is so value, I've been told. They help with errands and the chores. The Darlings. I do so adore. Parents love is so strong and bold, Thney are always there, never ever told. To nurse you and caress you, ever ill. You love them dearly, always will. Friendship makes the world go round It makes the flowers grow, and the trees. The birds fly and show their colour, Coming into the garden, after each other. Resting here, not very able, I cannot walk or sit at the table. My eyes are closed, my body quite still. I await now, for my last thrill is to be there and say i love You from the deepest part of me heart...She is whole heart who pumps blood through my weak body to me strong, and respect other even in the hardest time. I love U mother.I am so grateful to Almighty ALLAH to gave me a beautiful mother like YOU:) brother and sisters, if u are upset from them just forget it and open ur arms and hearts to them, welcome them.....if their die than its ur lost....do something when u can....those who who are have no mothers than still u can benefit to if u Turn to Allah forgiveness on their behalf. may ALLAH grants those who are gone before us al JANNAH AND SHOW US THE RIGHT PATH; THE PATH THAT STRIGHT TOWARDS ALLAH: MAKE DUAS FOR EVERY MUSLIMS ON EARTH. The article was absolutely wonderful as i read it, my tears were just running over my cheeks.

Malik, Virginia,USA - wrote on 5/18/2003 9:22:04 AM
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Comment:Unfortunately, many don't fully appreciate and value their Mother until it's to late. Absolutely GREAT article.

AbdulMannan Bhatti, Islamabad-Pakistan - wrote on 5/7/2003 4:56:34 AM
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Comment:Assalamu Alaikum JazakAllah khair for this very useful article. May Allah swt reward you for this.My MUM was died in 1996 and now we realized after his death how much Mum is importance and precious in our lives.May Allah (swt) forgive her mistakes and bless her with Jannah al Firdus. Aameen

Waheeda, Mombasa, Kenya - wrote on 5/7/2003 1:41:21 AM
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Comment:Mashallah! thats very nice, nothing we do is ever enough for our mothers, they are precious, we r lucky to have them, for those who have no moms, my sympathy, and for those who have them but dont value them i pity them.....please love them when they have gone, we could never fogive ourselves for not being there for them.....their happiness is our joy and delight...waheeda

meena yasmeen, india - wrote on 5/7/2003 12:51:12 AM
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Comment:assalamalaikum, it was a wonderful feeling to read about hadees relating to mother.though i have read these hadees many times before ,reading it again and again just increased the pleasure.iam very happy that sound vision is doing this kind of work ,of getting people closer and spreading the true religion,islam. i just hope that we once for all become truly faithful and respect and treat our parents in the best ways

Akin-Tijani Akintunde Noonrayn, Ibadan, Nigeria - wrote on 5/6/2003 8:48:56 PM
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Comment:Salam alaekum to soundvision, just to tell you for your publication that my mother is precious. please, let us all do good to our mothers because mothers cannot be replaced. Thanks

Bushra Zahra Raza, Manchester - wrote on 5/6/2003 12:51:16 PM
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Comment:Asalamualikum.My Mum is really gernerous and like's to help in any way.She shows great concern for other people and for her children including me.My 2big sisters and my little sister.My mum also works quite hard too.I don't know what to do for my mum because I am only 10.I can't take her out either.My big sisters do most of the house work with my Mum too.I do housework too but I really wish I could do something great for my mum so instead of seeing her working I can see her smiling. I hope you can give my some I ideas. Jazzakillah

, - wrote on 5/6/2003 9:50:47 AM
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Comment:Excellent article. May Allah reward you. I was wondering, can we celebrate on Monther's day(May 11). Being a Mustlim, everday is our Mother's day but living in North America, is it OK celebrate mother's day by giving her flower. Please let me know at khan@mosaid.com

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