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Zahed, OC - wrote on 10/11/2004 10:41:08 PM
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Comment:SupanAllah I pray that all seekers of truth are blessed to expirence these words put forth to the fullest, and that when they do inshalla t they appreciate it for love is truly a blessing and a mercy

Robin, - wrote on 7/1/2004 3:30:09 PM
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Comment:This was absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

haider, - wrote on 6/4/2004 3:13:17 PM
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Comment:Great article, the point is we all have to try to become better humans, because we only get one shot in this life.

Patel, England - wrote on 4/7/2004 4:27:45 PM
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Comment:Thank you for the information about Divorce in England & Wales, however, not much regarding muslims. I have received further information on this subject. Since last year (2003) when the law was changed in relation to Family proceedings, decree absolute can be postponed until the husband has delivered to the wife the "talaaq". The application can be made by either spouse. As the wife is severely disadvantaged should there be no "talaaq", then the courts may apply financial leverage to ensure the husband complies. As for arrangements for children, the following information is from CAFCASS : CAFCASS is required to comply with the Human Rights Act 1998. The Human Rights Act has been fully in force in the United Kingdom since 2 October 2000. The broad effect of this Act is to require that UK Domestic Law is interpreted, and that public authorities, including CAFCASS, act in a manner that is compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights. The European Convention on Human Rights contains "Articles". Article 9: Freedom of thought, conscience and religion states that: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance. Freedom to manifest one's religion or beliefs shall be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety, for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. I do hope that this information is of some assistance. Yours truly Matthew Wilson CAFCASS HQ This means that they will take into account Islamic Shariah for arrangements for children with the welfare of the child as the paramount consideration. Briefly as per the majority of muslims in England & Wales who prescribe to the Hanafi School : Children under 2 custody goes to the mother Children 2 to 6 custody goes to either parent (mutual consent) Children 7 to 15 custody goes to the father Children 16 and over, the child can choose the parent However, note must be taken that this is just a brief guideline and there are exceptions (for example if the mother remarries then the custody goes to the father regardless of age). Please also note that contact between parent and child must be maintained throughout the child's life as this is the Islamic way

thomas, Arizona - wrote on 4/1/2004 10:03:16 PM
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Comment:I think you have written this article with extreme care and diligence. As I'm studying world cultures in school, no other research material gives this insite to Muslim marriages. The statement made by some periodicals in Libraries and even on the Internet lead people (Non-Islamics) to believe that Islamic marriages focus on the husband and the brides family and not much on the bride. Thank you for this information.

Sana , New York - wrote on 2/18/2004 9:41:21 PM
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Comment:Asalaam Alaikum, This is an excellent article and reflects great research, Mashallah. Muslims away from the Islamic Shria and evniornment really need such efficient, clear, precise, accurate and reliable information. It gets very hard to really know what one is supposed to do in this world. This is all thanks to Almight, most Gracious and most merciful Allah, the Best and True Islam that a person like me is able to cope up with this almost corrupted world. Sources like this are enlightening and just so uplifting ... Subhaanallah!! May Allah always give us the strength to stay on his right path. "Love Allah and He'll make sure you are loved :)".. Allah ho Akbar .. "Allah is the greatest and nothing is impossible for him." Keep faith in Him!

sherlene, Belize - wrote on 2/16/2004 4:59:48 PM
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Comment:Thanks very much for the insight about love. I really appreciate your writing becuase it reconfirmed what my financee was explaining to me. May Allah continues to give you wisdom.

waqas, islamabad - wrote on 2/14/2004 1:11:35 AM
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Aminath, malaysia - wrote on 2/10/2004 8:19:29 AM
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Comment:salaam Alhumdulillah!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx for puting a great article like that.....had known better what is love and what it should be married life.......Masha Allah.......thanx for all who r working in this site...May Allah grant with u all goods.......and help us to follow right path......ameen..... waalikum salaam

nora, elizabeth, nj - wrote on 1/30/2004 12:26:21 PM
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Comment:hello..i am a hispanic catholic who is envolved with a muslim from pakistan for almost 2 years..his family refuses me in all aspects, they dont even want to hear my name..yet my side totally accepts him..we will blame this on his culture and traditions..(understandable)..recently my boyfriend asked me to marry him, of course i said YES..i have been through very trying times with him and his family..and without their support we are still together..trust me they have tried to intervene.. reason for my comment is that due to me not having any contact what so ever with his family, i havent been able to understand their ways..this has helped a little to try and get through this..but in the end of it all, it all comes down to one thing..that we are all the same, basically we all want the same thing..LOVE-TRUST-HONESTY..but they prefer to keep it between themselves..and sometimes we have to stray away to keep us happy..

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