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Khan, Salisbury - wrote on 2/20/2006 3:35:37 PM
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Comment:This articlereally helped me to understand the cocepts of marrige in Islam.

Shahid Sheikh, India Bombay - wrote on 2/17/2006 6:12:31 AM
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Comment:i like true meaning of marraige in Islam,it also include sacrifice, statring point of love is sacrifice.

MIlagro Castro, United States - wrote on 1/9/2006 10:08:58 PM
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Comment:I loved reading the meaning of marriage in Islam. It is truly beautiful. Thank you.

Lamar Cole, United States - wrote on 1/1/2006 11:53:34 AM
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Comment:Love is the axis upon which a good love relationship spins.

Uzma , United Kingdom - wrote on 1/1/2006 9:04:34 AM
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Comment:Subhanallah- What a great article! Living in a non-Muslim state like Britain, Muslims can really find themselves tainted with Western influence, with an article so enlightening and uplifting - insha'allah we can use the pure objectives and values of Islamic marriage and can never possibly go wrong- stay focused and keep on the Right Path! And yes, wouldn't it be great to live a life where you LOVE one another!!lol! Regards

Shamid, Australia - wrote on 1/1/2006 1:12:42 AM
Rating: Rating

Comment:A very comprehensive and well written paper. Recommended reading and reflecting for all Muslims, whether not married, newly married or long time married.

samya sidiqi, ny - wrote on 12/31/2005 11:54:38 PM
Rating: Rating

Comment:I think this article was fantastic.! May Allah bless everyone. Islam is the greatest! This has been the greatest article i've read so far. I think people who are unfamiliar with the islamic lifestyle, should rewad this article and keep in mind that whenever bads things occur during a yea r, thats a sign the world is ending and we should SERIOUSLY do the best we can by following the rules and conducts of islam.

ayeshah, malaysia - wrote on 12/26/2005 7:55:38 AM
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Comment:what a very wonderful of ISLAM........ may my dream to become someone's beloved wife who play her role the best ever as a SOLEHAH wife to somebody i'll call husband one sweet day! ALLAHUAKBAR!

Kashfa Mahmood, Islamabad - wrote on 12/9/2005 6:18:57 AM
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Comment:A well written article! Its a shame that majority of us do not follow these guidelines and are busy living our lives according to the norms of the socities we find ourselves in. I pray that Allah SWT guides all Muslim Men and Women to be tolerent of their spouses, and to apply these guidelines to their everyday dealings within their households. Ameen

febri, surabaya, indonesia - wrote on 12/6/2005 2:33:05 AM
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Comment:i'm getting married in January 15, 2006 after the Idul Adha day.. this article helps me to overcome my own panic and realize that marriage is aimed to give us peace and happiness.. thank you very much!

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