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Saheed Ilesanmi-Sule, Lagos-Nigeria - wrote on 9/17/2009 11:44:50 PM
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Comment:Salam alaikum. Sir, I am a salary earner,how do I determine my Zakat amount? Secondly, I put aside a certain amount for my kids as savings on a monthly basis, is this money meant for my kids zakatable? If yes, how do I determine the amount.

Adil Khan, London - wrote on 11/2/2004 1:14:54 PM
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Comment:An immensely readable, user-friendly introduction to a potentially complex topic. Makes Zakat appear to be what it really is - an immensely, fair and welfare-enhancing tax system that whilst redistributing wealth does not encourage fiscal dysfunction through imposing crippling tax burdens.

shelina, uk - wrote on 4/12/2004 6:33:27 PM
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Comment:i love this artice. it has all the relevant information you need to know about a certain topic. firstly i was just reading it but at the end i found out that i learnt a lot from it.

Ehab, USA - wrote on 5/20/2003 9:05:27 PM
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Comment:Answer to the comments Exceeding One's Basic Needs Properties owned to meet one's basic requirements such as houses, work tools, machines for industry, means of transport, and furniture are excluded from Zakah. The same applies to the money dedicated to the repayment of debts, since the debtor is in need of this money to relieve himself from imprisonment and humiliation. This leads to a conclusion that the money kept to meet the basic requirements is exempted from Zakah

Wahab Ahmed, London - wrote on 5/16/2003 6:32:44 AM
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Comment:Dear Sir, I have a question that I got mortgage from a bank to buy a home. I still have to pay 47000 pounds plus I have extra loan of 12000 pounds which I am paying monthly instalments. I am paying interest (which I know is wrong Islamically) on both of them so my question is that how much ZAKAT I have to pay coz I do have some savings of 3000 pounds but if I take into account the mortgage and loan then my account is actually in negative. Regards Wahab Ahmed

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