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Page url: http://www.soundvision.com/Info/life/porn/15tips.asp

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Mateo, New York City - wrote on 8/23/2005 12:36:35 AM
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Comment:Im a 15 year old Catholic,although I am not muslim iI find this site very helpful. Most information here applies to Catholicism as well so it is easy to relate. Thank You and God Bless.

AV, Carribean - wrote on 7/30/2005 11:28:31 AM
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Comment:Zazakallah brother i myself am addicted to this disgraceful foolishness I started to become addicted to this at the age of eleven Iam now thriteen and when my mother caught me one day redhanded I realized my stupidity and decided that I was through with it before Igot caught I was trying to stop myself if it wasn't for my loving mother i would still be into porn I was introduced to porn by one of my school friends.They didnt tell me anything face to face but I had only overheard them talking about a website and look how far I went its funny isnt it who would have thought a quiet boy like me would get into this kind of stupidness.By the way thanks for helping me stay on the right path and for the tips .I am just glad that Iam a muslim after every Jumma sallat i ask Allah tala for forgiveness even though I have given up any dealings with pornography my mother nor my father has any trust in me any more I will just ask Allah to help those who have been addicted to porn and hopefor them not to end up to be like me.IF THERE WAS ANYTHING HIGHER THAN _GREAT_ FOR RATING THEN I WOULD HAVE RATED THAT.May Allah tala save us from all things related to pornography.Inshaallah.

ismael abdulqadir, MI - wrote on 7/13/2005 11:30:23 PM
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Comment:Bismillah. Salams and thank you for giving useful tips and understanding that it is sometimes hard( nearly impossible) to avoid many of the nasty, ugly things that they throw at us from all media.

Shan, USA - wrote on 7/13/2005 8:45:15 AM
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Comment: This is a very good article. However, there is a very important point missing. Allah by his infinite mercy has made us aware of good and bad. The problem with us humans is controlling the inner self (nafs). Once we corrupt our inner self (nafs) with any sin be it porn, masturbation, alcohol, fortification, adultery, or gambling, it becomes very hard to give up that sin. The practical picture can be presented as metal catching rust. It is like cancer. Even if you think you got rid of it, there is always a good chance of it coming back. Basically in all the feedback people say they tried giving up the sin but were unsuccessful. Cancer doesnít have a 100 % cure; there is always a chance it might show up later again. This is the same logic behind these sins. Once you taste alcohol, commit fortification, commit masturbation, commit adultery, start gambling, or any other sin it is like opening a door that can never be completely closed. Even if you overcome the sin after a great battle and from mercy of Allah, the door will remain open since Satan can always use the same sin you use to commit to lure you. If you have committed any sin, then you need to realize that the door cannot be permanently closed. The door will remain close as long as you are spiritually close to Allah (Strong Taqawah). The five pillars of Islam is the foundation for cure. Zikir (remembrance of Allah) is a pill; whenever you are free indulge yourself in it. This will help sand the rust off the inner self (nafs). Follow the entire advice of brother Abdul Malik Mujahid, may Allah reward him. If at the end all this seems hopeless and you feel that the sin is impossible to go away, try to find a true sheik, that follows all the sunna of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Consult him and by the mercy of Allah then you might actually able to keep the door close as along as you keep a sheik in your life. You need to find a sheik that follows all the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (doesnít trim is bread, does miswak, etc) and is compatible with you. You might visit him one a week or what ever work for you. Initially frequent visit will help. The sheik in this case is a Doctor that will perform spiritually treatment to clean your inner self (nafs). Therefore it is really important to find the best of the best with experience. Ohh Son of Adam do not waste the bounties that Allah has granted you by indulging in sin. Visit your local hospital for patient visitation and see the bounties that Allah has granted you and how much you transgress. May Allah guide us to the straight path. May Allah grant us a place in highest level of Paradise (Janat al firdus). May Allah forgive all our sins and make us pure as a baby just coming out a motherís womb. May Allah grant us the willpower to overcome all sins and become true muslims.

Big B, India - wrote on 6/7/2005 9:34:50 PM
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Comment:Am from India and a active member in Islamic yahoo group. I read mails and forward intersting Islamic mails to my friends and brothers. I've also been a prey to pornography, when shaitan lured me, when i was 18 and alone in home. I struggled a lot and won some &yet lost many battles with shaitan. By the Grace of Allah, i am trying to recover. I read about the pronography and how to avoid and what does Islam says about it. It's really quite impressive. May Allah shower blessings on all of us and protect us from Shaitan.

Viktor, Philadelphia,USA - wrote on 5/21/2005 12:21:47 PM
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Comment:What a great site!Thank you very much.I am an Orthodox Christian and I like what you advise young people.Pornography is a big sin against God and humanity.May God bless you.

n, canada - wrote on 1/9/2005 2:18:36 AM
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Comment:hello, i am a 15 year old boy in canada. I once in while get addicted to pornagrphy and i get all lost and i dont know what to do anymore. But when i red the instruction in this web i told my self that insheallah i will get red of this bad habit. thank you for your info.

Umor, London - wrote on 1/1/2005 6:13:02 PM
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Comment:salaam, I thank u so much for the important information you have given me. Insha-allah i shall benifit from. MAY ALLAH REWARD YOU!!!

Mc, Birmingham - wrote on 12/20/2004 2:51:44 PM
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Comment:I had started looking into pronography, but am now stopping myself. your advice has been really helpful and I implemented on Namaaz, Taqwa, Will power, and belief that Allah can help me get past this. Insha Allah I will soon have got rid of this habit.

S, Canada - wrote on 11/17/2004 9:36:29 PM
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Comment:I have done many things to stop. But nothing is helping me. I started to have addiction ever since I was young. I seriously want to stop watching porn, and masturbation. It is such a wrongful act, and many times I have to do Ghusl which takes so much energy because you realised you did something wrong, and your mind gets clogged on thinking what to do. Alhumdulilah, I havent missed any prayers during the last few months, so I am step closer to being a better Muslim. Now this is another battle I have to face. May Allah have mercy on all of us and may Allah lead us all to the straight path. In Sha Allah. Ameen.

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