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Rashed, - wrote on 11/10/2005 8:48:38 PM
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Comment:In my history class i have discussed many issue about cristian and muslim's. yet i have observed one thing is that in the book its stated little things about cristian and many many things about muslim. for that i belive that the cristian's want people to know that we(muslims) are unique group of people that existed in the world. about not mentioning the chirstianity i have a question in my mind that why they didnt say things about themselves when they considered the most powerfull nation. why??? i belive that they have betrayed the people and took controll of them. here is another thing for ignorent people who doesnt want to learn or find the truth they suppose to and just follow the things that they learn in the inviornment and thought by their parent (wich is totally wrong). the reason i say this is because one time a little kid saw a man with a beared and he asked his mom who was he and she replyed that he was a terrorist. but i was very upset that without knowing anything about that person she just made a comennet that wasnt absolutely nessecery because i knew that person. i hope that people know the truth and could live together that stop giving people blame for any unnessecery things. God bless America And all of us.

Joseph, USA - wrote on 5/24/2005 10:20:00 AM
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Comment:There is but one GOD. He gave us TEN commandments to follow. Period! Man has taken it upon him/herself to embellish through "organized religion" all that is taught today. None of what is taught comes from GOD except HIS commandments. To believe anything other than HIS commandments is a false belief. Period! Yet it is "organized religion" that has wrought all of the ills that have been injustices to humanity since the dawn of time. Man perceives himself to be more "godlike" by incorporating his own thoughts into his teachings of God's word. It will never stop because it is a human trait and failure. If you'd like to really have a perfect world, follow HIS commandments and like a completed puzzle....all will fall into alignment. So be it!

Christie, USA - wrote on 5/1/2005 2:55:29 AM
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Comment:This is a really great site, I came to get an Islam persceptive on things. I think that people throw the word "Christian" around to much, because going to church doesn't make you a christian, doing charity work doesn't make you a christian either. It's all about your relationship with God. My name does happen to be a christian name...lol (means follower of Christ or blessed) but I used to be agnostic. Also, you can't tell if someone is a christian by their lifestyle, some people just have morals without religion. I'm tired of the stereotyping, and people assume they know what kind of person I am because I'm a christian (repented and accepted Christ). They think I only believe my religion is "THE" religion to recieve salvation....not true! I would just love to live in peace with everyone of all cultures, although I know that's unrealistic right now. I try to see things through other's point of view.

gilbert peters, Kenya - wrote on 1/2/2005 4:52:13 AM
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Comment:Religion(faith) is a relationship between an individual and God. The moment we judge individual's actions wholistically rather than individually, we miss the point. It is wrong to assume that whoever has a christian name is a christian or vice versa as it is wrong for individuals or groups to intepret Quran or Bible for their own interest. That is where the conflicts starts. We should learn to tolerate each other regardsless of the faiths we confess to. Either we mend or mess up the universe. Confessing Christians and Muslims should denouce violence and disalleniate the religion from the advocates and perpetuators of violence.

Syed Wahajuddin Ahmed, Chicago - wrote on 12/14/2004 9:07:05 AM
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Comment:An excellent precis of volumes of histrical account. Undoubtedly a dexterious endevor well accomplished without sacrificing facts for religioous fervor. The writer deserves our best compliments. God bless you all.

Tyler, United States - wrote on 12/6/2004 11:44:41 PM
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Comment:All cultures must come together, God did not want people to kill and have animosity towards each other , but to love and have peace. Yes i am sad because of 9-11, not because it was an act of hate but because the people who did it supposively love God or praise Allah.

Sara Diatta, UK - wrote on 12/2/2004 10:33:01 PM
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Comment:I have enjoyed looking at this site, as a Christian I would like to ploiint out there is no such thing as a Christian Terrorist. Christianity is not a religion it is a lifestyle, and a relationship with Jesus. There is no such thing as a Christian country or nation, one becomes a Christian when s/he accepts Jesus as their Savoir. Although many people claim to follow Christianity it is clear that they are NOT real Christians . Jesus said we must LOVE our neighbor as ourselves and pray for our enemies, not showing them hate or anger. Do not believe the myth that general westerners are Christians , you just have to look at their lifestyles to see that they are not living by the words God/Jesus see GALATIANS 5:19-26.

Yahia van Kampen, Granada - wrote on 10/9/2004 5:32:14 PM
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Comment:Most essays of this kind go far beyond the point. Any comparison between Islam and Christianity is a priori flawed by assuming both are Faiths (note: F). Islam is a religious humanistic Lifestyle, whereas Christianity is a Belief. A major difference. The essence of Christianity is built on fear for the Afterlife, the life after death. Islam indicates multiple ways to please the One God in this life. A major difference. Nowhere Christianity constructs any sense of stewardship over the universal resources God has created. Islam puts good stewardship upfront and above all as to please God! To throw mud around by (mis)quoting biblical or Qur'anic texts and assuming these interpretations are factual not only is childish, cheap and unwise, but are plain bigotry from either sides. The rituals performed by muslims to praise God don't make Islam a Faith or a Belief... Think deep now: would any intelligent (wo)man with todays knowledge days deny we live in this One Universe? Or do we live in 2 or 3 or many Universes? God, transcending time and space, has obviously created this one, our, Universe with all that is in it! He bestowed us with the responsibility to be good stewards of his creation as to please Him. Of course we can deny this and make a mess of it (and kill ourselves in the process). You choose... Islam has promoted this view for centuries. Christian politics however have discovered the importance of 'ecology' and 'Umwelt' less than 25 years ago. Christian Churches less than 20 years, if at all. The question in fact is and remains: do we respect each other, Nature and our One Universe created by Our God, or do we choose something different? All the rest is men-made, based on balances of power (envy), spheres of influence (imperialism), national prides, prejudices, fantasies and (political) bigotry. The message may be different, its interpretation may differ, the outcome however is the same: we do LIVE in this One Universe created by Our One God who bestowed us with good stewardship over His creation for which we may become rewarded in THIS life. This principle is uniting people! The rest is man-made and can be taken for granted...

Nancy Houston O'hara, Pennsylvania USA - wrote on 10/8/2004 12:19:16 PM
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Comment:Differences can only be made livable on this planet by respect and acceptance of all God's people. We dont have to agree to care about one another. Read my novel, One World Under God, soon to be published by Jona Books for some insight on this.

Nancy Houston O'hara, Pennsylvania USA - wrote on 10/8/2004 12:19:03 PM
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Comment:Differences can only be made livable on this planet by respect and acceptance of all God's people. We dont have to agree to care about one another. Read my novel, One World Under God, soon to be published by Jona Books for some insight on this.

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