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ennis , rural atlantic canada - wrote on 10/12/2003 5:38:01 AM
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Comment:This article was of help to me but it did not clear much up for me. My family lives in a rural part of atlantic canada. We are the only muslim family in the town. We haev to live here to sustain ourselves. My mother washes the meat we buy and reads a duaa and pronounces the name of Allah al Rahman al Rahim. Other arabs i know in the same situation are doing the same. Ive recently made some pakistani friends who staunchly believe otherwise. I am in confusion. There are numerous sources on tv and the net giving both sides sof the arguement and im not sure which to follow. It would ofcourse be easier if we had a source of muslim slaughtered meat nearby, but thats not the case...and slaughtering animals here is illegal by law. If u have any helpful views please feel free to email me. thank you and salaam alaikum .

Abu-Nusaybah Naved Siddiqi, England - wrote on 8/9/2003 6:30:44 PM
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Comment:I find we are confusing what is wise not to do with what is forbidden (haram). Our approach to food is, generally speaking, simplistic. In addition, we can at times even harm da'wah (the invitation to Islam) by a misplaced zeal with respect to food. I do not buy supermarket meat, or eat at Mac's. And ideally, I'd have meat slaughtered by a Muslim in line with the sunnah. But that's the ideal, and this forum is not about ideals but about the forbidden. If my neighbour gave me a meat pie, or baked me a cake, i'd eat it. I don't believe it is forbidden. The Prophet's time was a simple time. "Food" meant raw materials added together. Our time is very different. We have by-products and extracts from by-products, and synthetic mixtures. "Food" is rarely the food in children's books; it's a whole science. The 'animal' in a chemical extract present in confectionery today, may have been slaughtered 3 years ago! Yet we insist it is "meat". Whilst I support many efforts to get slaughter practices closer to the sunnah, I think we are turning this easy religion into something difficult. That's why I don't think noble people like Maulana Mawdudi (r) from 1950's India are in a positon to understand this subject. And the blessed prophet's life is full of the easy and wiser path, even with respect to doubtful food.

HAKAN, Philadelphia - wrote on 8/4/2003 5:19:29 PM
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Comment:I still do not understand why we are discussing? We should buy and eat meat slaughtered by muslim other than what we do is for supporting them by financially and loosing our kids. Can we die if we do not eat chicken from market or are we going to be poor if we buy meat from halal grocery shop? Brother and sisters wake up. this is serious issue

Khalil , Michigan - wrote on 7/18/2003 3:56:56 PM
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Comment:It is a good discussion, "what is haram"? It is confusing as hell though and our next generation is growing up on this confusion. Some parents are very strict and teach such to their kids, others are "relaxed" and teach accordingly to their kids. When these kids get together in community, it is confusion galore. It is not serving Muslims. There is really no solution to this situation and it will always exist in a country where Muslims are in minority. Muslims need to learn to take it easy

Jenanah W. Amatullah-Muqsit, New York - wrote on 7/16/2003 9:18:18 PM
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Comment: With the Name of Allah As-Salaamu-Alaikum There is a vast market being neglected by our vacillating on this subject. I am speaking of the Muslim prison population. As a Muslim Chaplain I have found it very difficult to get clarification on what is Halal and what is not. During the month of Ramadan the State is made especially aware of Halal. Last year the women in my facility found that a certain flavor of the oatmeal was listed, in the Halal & Haraam book as being haraam. This information was sent to Albany. After checking with the "Islamic Authorities" it was deemed that it was alright to eat, I won't even mention the issues with the cheese, and MEAT or lack of (meatless menu). This confusion weakens our position Religiously and financially. The State takes advantage of our confusion and do not feel compelled to order from true Halal Businesses, which brings the next concern. Do we have the facilities and professional "Muslim" slaughterers to handle the demand of the institutions? If we do not, should we spend the time complaining, or spend it preparing? Because we are talking about mass production.

Kamran, Nebraska - wrote on 7/16/2003 12:33:50 PM
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Comment:I found this article very informative.One should try to avoid any doubts when its a matter this serious ,since zabiha meat si available almost everywhere in the US.Also lot of farms provide you the facility to do that too, so just make a un doubt choice. Thanks

Sumbal, Florida - wrote on 6/3/2003 9:05:22 AM
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Comment:Assalamolaikum I found this article very enlightening.The first argument seems far more convincing than the second.One should try to avoid any doubts when its a matter this serious ,since zabiha meat si available almost everywhere in the US. Jazakullah kher

HARUN AHMAD, ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - wrote on 5/13/2003 3:08:27 PM
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Comment:AsSalaamu'alaikum: I am still not sure on whether or not I can go into the grocery store and buy chicken.Both sides give convincing arguments and InshaaAllah We all don't gain Allah(S.W.T.) wrath

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