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Farhad, from China - wrote on 9/16/2009 11:48:41 PM
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Comment:May Allah bless the providers and Scholars for their services and knowledge.

Saifullah, mountains of North Carolina - wrote on 10/27/2005 1:11:58 PM
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Comment:Unfortunately the article suffices to underscore the ideal and absolute, but gives no indication as to what people in my position are to do. My position is not unique, I live in a rural area and there are NO Muslim businesses in the surrounding area. I would literally have to drive 2-3 hours to get to the closest halal butcher. As others have mentioned it is also very expensive. I can go to the local grocer and get a steak for a tenth of the price as I would from a halal butcher! When so many Muslims are living in poor communities (as the underpriviladged in America are drawn in easier to the message of submission to the will of Allah than those who are wealthy) and, like myself, are trying to pick out a living on less than $20,000 a year it is rediculous to command us to spend such insane prices on meat that (as others have mentioned) is of low quality. Is it halal to charge so much for something that is required by our faith? I think that is the burning question here.

Hasan Khan, Maryland - wrote on 6/10/2005 12:49:46 AM
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Comment:Assalaamu Alaikum, We are always discussing the issue of slaughtering but rarely the issue of feed is discussed. If the chicken is fed all kinds of meat and quite possibly swine then what diference does it make how it is slaughtered.

abdulhai, USA - wrote on 1/5/2005 9:34:59 PM
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Comment:The fatwa's by three scholars are different. We can pick and choose. Allah is most merciful and forgiving. I am concerned about the statement made by one person that muslims are not going to be poor by buying meet from muslim businesses. I always wonder about the muslim businesses selling below grade meat at two to three times the super market price. This is a highway robbery. What about these businesses who are abusing their own community. To solve this problem, I go to the farm 50-60 miles from my suburban home ans slaughter an animal every few months. In resturants, I eat sea food. I believe, muslims should do what I do and teach the muslim business owners a lesson.

sumaiya, canada - wrote on 10/9/2004 12:03:13 PM
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Comment:Assalamualaikum. I really agree with the first two scholars. and I hope in future they will give us more informtion that will help the whole muslim nation. I really appreciate and offcourse, we should always careful about what we are eating.zazakallah.

Hassan, London - wrote on 8/14/2004 1:37:38 PM
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Comment:Many thanks for the efforts, the Hallal food is getting more concern among us, some people now think that the good muslim would eat hallal and the bad ones would eat anything else, I know that I'm being a bit open here, bu I would always recommend flexibility with islam teachings, I think that if Prophet Mohammed came for the cause of growing beard and covering the face of women and applying Hallal terminology then no one from Quraish people would ever fought him, Islam is a broader look, for the Hallal food I would like to remind you somethings: the "shariah way" of slaughtering a camel wouldn't be the normal way of slaughtering done to other type of animals "thabeh" it is done by just stabbing the camel below his neck, and this is what is done by Arabs even after Islam and no one took note of this "none Halal way". Also lets nit forget about that even Sumerians in Babylon used to slaughter with the name of god brought during the process. finally I wish that those Ulama which issue a fatwa think in more realistic way about the real Muslim problems in the west. Wassalam.

Azhar Maqsood, Miami - wrote on 5/17/2004 9:48:22 AM
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Comment:After reading this article, there should be no doubt for anyone to have Tayyab (Clean) food on their table. In Islam most of the things are prohibited even in its miner form. For example take Alcohol (Beer or Whiskey) both are Haram. Because gradually person gets into worst form of bad habits. If today one is drinking beer or eating market meat tomorrow he/she won't feel bad of drinking whiskey or eating on the same table where the swine is served. For a muslim Islam is Islam their is no difference in the basic rules whether you are in Dar-ul-Islam or Dar-ul-Harab. Remember, our actions give Dawaa to non-muslims. So why not teach them the right thing instead of getting into the bad habit yourself in the context of bringing them (non-muslims) to Islam. Walah o Alam bissawaab. - Azhar

Sis Ashura , NEW York City - wrote on 2/23/2004 1:51:36 PM
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Comment:As-salaamu-alaikum , I agree with the first two Scholars on the Zabiha Meats. and i would add on that i would only buy Glatt kosher meat , because it is the stricter than the regular kosher meat. Now there is Organic glatt kosher meats being sold in Healthfood stores i would love to see muslim store owners become more educated about Zabiha before embarking on the business, this is a good article i will pass this information around. ma salaams ashura mahdiyyah

SB, - wrote on 12/20/2003 1:01:49 PM
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Comment:The article was concise, yet explained the matter well. The matter is simple, yet not simplistic. If it required nothing other than good faith, then there would have been no need for RasulAllah (saw) to explain the shariah of slaughter as we find in numerous hadith. Accordingly, the four great Imam would not have discussed this in detail in their books either. What we eat affects our physical spirit and spiritual spirit. Halaal meat and zhabiha are not two seperate issue-- having one and not the other renders the whole thing impermissible. Just like Allah says "do not eat of meats slaughter on the name of other gods"--proves that an incorrect method of slaughter is just as important as the object itself being lawful. And Allah knows bes.

Rena Hassan, Papua New Guinea - wrote on 11/25/2003 5:51:00 AM
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Comment:Assalamualaikum, Thanks,it was imformative,i thought it was easy to get Halal meats everywhere around the world.Until i resided in Port Moresby,Throughout the years we havent been eating any kinds of meats.We just stick to fish & other seafoods.And we are fine.The muslim community here is very small and they is no one that does or sell any kinds of muslim slaughted meats.

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