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saima nadeem, fortville,IN - wrote on 10/16/2004 11:53:37 PM
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Comment:A very eye-opening article!I hope a lot of muslims will insha'llah benefit from it.I had a lot of arguments with many of my friends in this regard,and nobody was able to convince me as to whether "zabeha"or"halal" fall into the category of allowed meat-eating.I just wonder the veggies we eat are not exposed to any form of haram ingredient?? thanks.

s, california - wrote on 12/1/2003 9:15:19 PM
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Comment:Our halal butcher here buys meat from a local organic farm which they have arranged to have a muslim butcher go out to slaughter the organic chicken in a halal way. Great example of cooperation between communities!

Ghassan Adi D.V.M., Oakville, Ontario - wrote on 10/2/2003 9:06:22 PM
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Comment:I would advise Muslims to start a Co-operation business to produce Halal meat in each region of North America to produce Halal food for our community. please have a look at the following article: http://www.islamonline.net/iol-english/dowalia/techng-2000-oct-07/techng3.asp Ghassan ghassan@sprint.ca

Khalid, London - wrote on 6/17/2003 7:57:19 AM
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Comment:There is no legitimate difference of opinion on the question of whether the meat of the people of the book is allowed or not. Firstly "Christians" don't slaughter their meat in the name of God, so it is definitely haram. Secondly Jewish Kosher meat is allowed (as far as I know), but we should only eat it if we have no alternative (i.e. halal meat is unavailable). Apart from that error it is an excellent article exposing the fallacies of "Halal" meat. As someone who is chronicaly ill, I have to be very careful about my diet. Unfotunately I have little choice but to eat "Halal" meat which is infested with hormones, anti-biotics, pathogens, and only Allah knows what else. There was an excellent BBC documentary (Panorama) on the European meat industry recently. It showed undercover footage of European meat processors injecting pork protein into Beef and Chicken (pork is cheaper). Apparently this is legal (although they have to say on the label - but they don't , which is illegal). These alien proteins are only detectable using expensive DNA tests. More worryingly still these companies have managed to destroy the genetic information in the injected proteins so they are no longer identifiable as coming from Pig, Cow or whatever. - i.e. there is no test which will detect whether or not your halal meat has been laced with pork. I think the final piece of advice is sadly the best - to reduce the amount of meat we eat. Certainly our ancestors ate a lot less meat. There is nothing in islam which forbids a person eating a largely/wholly vegetarian diet - as long as it is not for moral reasons. As muslims we believe in the killing and eating of animals - as long as it is done in the name of God and according to his Shariah. Can you honestly say that the meat that you are eating passes this criterion? I can't. May Allah forgive us and guide us towards the Truth.

Fahmi, Chicago - wrote on 6/7/2003 7:24:36 PM
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Comment:Alhamdulillah. that's is a great answer . even though i feel unhappy to hear that because i feel it's too hard to follow your method, but i will try my best . i don't have a choice to avoid it i've to follow it. thank's

Mohamed, Rahman - wrote on 3/3/2003 8:14:27 PM
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Comment:Alhamdullillah. I am finding the answers to my questions.

Carrie, Hawaii - wrote on 2/15/2003 5:26:21 PM
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Comment:Very informative and interesting. Stunning due to the fact that most of the population in Canada and U.S. A. are 'oblivious' to the deleterious effects of the food stuffs we put into our bodies in the name of nutrition and health, all under the 'concerned and caring' eye of the government and its governing industries. How do we spread the word more effectively? Thanx

Gray Wulfe, Hawaii - wrote on 2/15/2003 5:14:25 PM
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Comment:All people of every creed and religion, should take careful consideration of the advice given in these articles regarding health. We are all products of our choices in life and the responsibility is our own. One more mention here, is to look at your blood type and gear your diet toward your chemical balance.

Cindy, Toronto - wrote on 10/5/2002 12:01:32 AM
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Comment:Great article.

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