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dalina, san diego, CA, USA - wrote on 4/2/2012 4:22:24 AM
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Comment:I buy Halal meat at local "middle eastern" markets. The meat is fresher, so much healthier and not as expensive as "organic grass fed" packaged meat at general grocery stores. I also learned from your article here why it seems to not get spoiled as quickly as as the meat from the general US meat industry meat. Thanks for the information!

Alice, Naperville - wrote on 3/16/2012 9:01:00 AM
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Comment:I saw chickens being killed according to the Jewish law. It was a hot day and the chickens were put in a cart and left in the heat until all the chickens were killed. I think chickens and other animals need to be kept cold after killing. There is some information on cancer and the gas produced by animals that are aged or hung.

ISsa Azuriah , Durham - wrote on 11/15/2011 3:11:04 PM
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Comment:Whole foods market in north Carolina carries locally raised halal beef chicken and goat as well as halal lamb from new Zealand.all of the dairy not just certified organic is hOrmone/antibiotic free. Also their 365 label of food is price compt At surrounding competitors to keep the $ evening priced. I also happen to work at the durham location and am an advocate for purity of my body mind and soul as well as my food..GMO crops hormones etc are definatly makhroo...questionable. As they are also not good for the animal which gets passed onto us destroying our immune system. Time for the Muslims to be Mumin putting Islam into action it's not just a name or a culture it's a way of life !

razi, sauga - wrote on 1/11/2011 12:52:58 PM
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Comment:hormoned animals are haram ? jazakAllah for the info. RE fastfood article: watch out for contamination; e.g. subway veggies are contaminated w/ meat grease, if they use same gloves to pick them up after handling meat (perhaps for the order before you).

farooque nizami, Mumbai - wrote on 12/26/2010 9:20:41 AM
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Comment:a person wants to eat beef attached with bones can he eat alongwith bones. can a muslim eat chewing bones with teeth.

farooque nizami, Mumbai - wrote on 12/26/2010 9:19:38 AM
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Comment:a person wants to eat beef attached with bones can he eat alongwith bones. can a muslim eat chewing bones with teeth.

colleen, saint john - wrote on 1/2/2010 11:01:30 PM
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Comment:hi ,i am not muslium but i found this article very interesting.i think its important that people know more about the things that are being put into food .i was surprised to find out the very poor way that food is being perpared .i would like to know of some places to buy halal meat,not for the religious reasons but simply that its much more healthier.

Sue Rabinovich, New Jersey - wrote on 5/18/2005 7:05:03 AM
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Comment:Great article. I dont think the answer is in becoming vegetarian. We need the protein...and I like the taste of meat :)

Ayman, Toronto - wrote on 3/13/2005 11:21:26 PM
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Comment:great article, I advice every muslim and non muslim though to read it...

farrah, UK - wrote on 11/27/2004 10:22:29 AM
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Comment:Ive read about this topic before, the article was put together very well, maybe the author should write a book!!. Although I think it makes one assume that eating no poultry or being a vegetarian is healthy ! - which is not the case for someone who is not fit and healthy - considering protien is very important for those who dont want to eat nuts and lentils which also contain carbs and fats or those that have special diets, with less intake of sugar or carbs. Btw, does anyone know of a UK supplier of organic poultry and meat?

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