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parvez ali, INDIA (hyderabad) - wrote on 5/17/2010 5:01:40 AM
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Comment:Iam very thankfull to you for giving this very good information to each &everyone.I PRAY TO ALLAHA FOR EVERY MUSLIM THAT ONES IN A LIFE WE SHOULD GO THERE. INSHALLAH.

imran, pakistan - wrote on 3/30/2010 8:35:02 AM
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Comment:As far as i have heard since long time and from my views there was exixsting a hindu temple before many years during king vikram,which was demolished and is now called as mecca.We are gods children afterall.Let us not fight and slip this issue

jawad shah, milton keynes - wrote on 3/25/2010 7:27:04 PM
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Comment:Mashallah what a unique and beautiful place and the holy kabba sharif, there is nothing like it in this world except for paradise, mashallah blessings and darood and salam to the makers and helpers of constructing this uniqe holy house

Fadila, Ottawa - wrote on 3/24/2010 10:52:17 AM
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Comment:I was always thinking and asking people what is inside and where this came from and it made but when I red this information I won't ask any more thank you so much for this information you have given I felt comfortable after I red it becase each person was telling me diffrent thing about Kaba

IMRAN SHAH SHERANI, ISLAMABAD/ZHOB - wrote on 12/26/2009 1:52:51 PM
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Comment:Thanks alout for a nice information. it is so breaf and consices but so informative.once again i say thanks. But one thing is missing a comprative studies must be there, between Bat tul Mookadas and Bat tul Allah.

muhammad yousuf faridi, ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN - wrote on 9/7/2009 12:54:08 AM
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Comment:This is the first time I have come to know what is really inside the Kaba. Itís like being inside it me. The information provided is also very useful and much required by the Muslims and non-Muslims. I will highly suggest provision of photographs to enhance the images. MUHAMMAD YOUSUF FARIDI, ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN

Hameeduddin Mohammed, Chicago IL, US - wrote on 8/3/2005 8:02:35 AM
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Comment:I have never read any articles about Kaba Shrief before, but after reading this article it makes me wanna visit Kaba Sharief and perform Hajj. I don't know how accurate this article is, but it sure is one great one. Allah Hafiz. :)

Mehak Shaikh, UAE - wrote on 5/25/2005 8:31:45 AM
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Comment:This information is very helpful in increasing knowledge, especially for those people who are converted and embrassed Islam and need to more abt this true religion.

maryam yousaf, pakistan - wrote on 4/17/2005 1:27:03 PM
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Comment:it is wonderfully excellent. can't say how much informative :)

Abdul Sattar, Bombay Kurla (Kapadia Nagar) - wrote on 3/13/2005 3:04:42 AM
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Comment:Informative and excellent ....zakallah sound vision team

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