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Imtiaz, Pakistan - wrote on 12/3/2005 2:29:09 AM
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Comment:Assalam O Alaikum warehmatuAllah I am a person in search of truth and persuing that I read this article and I am enriched. Thanks for providing us the muslims who know very less not only about our own religion Islam but about our cousins Christians and jews too. Abraham forms the common ground where we all three can stand firmly> I hope this happens because we all are waiting for Jesus to come and we all three wud like to be in his grroup. and now for Aparna's querry No dear God is not bias He is the Boss and He has his own set plans, its not bush who set a world order its only THE GOD and if Jesus was made to face his crucification and Ismail and Issac saved well thats part of HIS plan and prophets dear are always bestowed with special powers to withstand tortures. There is no prophet ever recorded less for Solomon perhaps which have not faced tortures miseries and hungers to the extreme and they did all this to tell us that in the end only solemn FAITH on God is what defeats all miseries. So pls be stead fast and keep beliving in our one and only BOSS, THE GOD. my e mail is surgeonimtiazshaikh@hotmailmail.com and I wud like to get views from all to further enrich my self . THANKS AGAIN.

Samad Junaid Misbah, India - wrote on 11/14/2005 11:16:49 AM
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Comment:Great work! Excellent comparative article with absolutely no bias. It's time we realised that we are the children of the same father, the same God, Allah! Hope people from all religions read this article and learn this eternal truth from it.

azam ali, pakistan - wrote on 10/21/2005 8:19:19 AM
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Comment:salaam! really a great job done by the researchers by presenting the best available facts.it provided an oppurtuinity to everyone to conduct comparison among truth and fabricated tales.

john ellison, america - wrote on 10/8/2005 8:02:36 PM
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Comment:it's great love of allah! for a man to have children and be the father of the jew's and arab's and even the christians! let allah be with us and us and our faith, belife and love be with allah! p.s thank you and god bless you all!

Dan, US - wrote on 7/15/2005 11:43:35 PM
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Comment:The truth of God (Allah) springs from one source. Abraham is evidence. Love God with All your heart and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself. We will never resolve the differences in our faiths. Rather than mull upon what is left out in each others religion, why not build upon what we all have in common. That in itself is a lifetime of work.

mary, michigan - wrote on 12/23/2004 9:32:43 PM
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Comment:For those wondering why Jesus was "sacrificed": A difference between Islam and Christianity is that in Islam, Jesus is NOT the son of God but his SLAVE, His prophit, submitting to His will, as he claimed as a baby, but words get changed and beliefs change to suit some people, thus the need for the last prophit Mohamad to clarify once and for all the TRUTH. The person who was sacrificed was someone resembling Jesus, (may have been a criminal but not sure only about that), and God saved the prophit from death by raising him to the heavens. God can do that and more if he created the universe, and allowing Mary to give birth to a prophit, as he did with Sara, Abraham's old and barren wife, does not make Jesus a SON, because He has no need for associates. He is the one and only, and believing He has accomplices, a son...means you don't believe in a ONE true God, again that is why His last word was sent with Mohamad in the Koran, words which are still present today as they were given to Mohamad, and however they are translated or changed, the original texts are here to stay till the end of time, unlike those of the previous religious books which had facts changed overtime.

Utkan Alp, Turkey - wrote on 11/19/2004 4:02:23 PM
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Comment:if we take the non-objective and prejudical comments on islam into account,this article is between the best ones. there is no comment on it and it is purely explains what islam tells. there is a fact i'd like to emphasize and take all people's interest on. Muhammed was the only man during his age that had accepted Jesus,the Christ and his doctrine-except some details. he is the man that is no-one else will reach the place where he stands,because he was the last prophet world has seen,until the day when Jesus come back and invite all for God's singlarity as all prophets had invited. there is another point that no-christian has visited this site or writed down any comments. that's sad... i'd hope to see them all diccussing the realities,not the living ones then same point will be created. again thanks for all.

Nabil, silver springs - wrote on 2/20/2004 7:23:52 PM
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Comment:Salaam, thank you for this wonderfull writting, it helped me alot on my essay. where can I find more writings like this?

nasra cabdulsalam, Cols,OH - wrote on 2/19/2004 7:57:39 PM
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Comment:asalamu calaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh first of all, i would like to thank you and all the brothers and sisters who take their precious time to do good deeds and educate not only our moslim chileren ,but also millions of non moslims about islam. because we all need to learn and study and devote our selves to the true religion and the only true god /allah for our own sake because only believing in allah and only him is the only way to survive here after and the jugment day as the holly qur'an tells us. again, thank you for your time and this oportunaty and may allah beless all my moslim brothers and sisters. asalacalakum waraxmah.

Munna Almasri, Streamwood, Illinois,USA - wrote on 1/30/2004 11:17:32 AM
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Comment:Assalamu Alaikum Peace Be Upon You Thank you Sound Vision for always giving us the background information not always known about the practices and rituals that we must perform as Muslims, and the reasons for the Holidays we celebrate. They help tremendously in helping to teach our children the "why" of what we do. Thank you to those who responded to your article. InshaAllah the words spoken by so many in answer to this column are truly heard and LISTENED to. We are all the same-humans-from the SAME God-Allah! We must learn to accept one another to survive with one another, and live in peace. InshaAllah, we will see that day! Eid Mubarak!!!!! Happy Eid!!!!! Salam, Peace, Truly

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