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Omm Mohammad, VA - wrote on 3/26/2010 11:49:38 AM
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Comment:Assalam Oualaikoum, I absolutely agree that sex education should be thought to our kids. the age of 14 seems too old for me though. My son is 10 years old now and he already knows about the menstruation not in details but just enough to satisfy his curiosity about me not praying at certain times. i want to be very honest with him when it comes to this very sensitive issue and i want him to be very knowledgeable about the reasons and consequences of it as well. kids are very smart. they ask questions and if they don't get the answers from the parents or teachers, don't blame the source later. i tell my son that kissing is haram and sex (without explaining this term beyond what he has in his mind) outside marriage is haram too. i explain to him that his wife should be his only girl friend (and not girlfriend). i let him know that my husband is the love of my life and Allah created this mawadda to bless our marriage. i tell him that his body belongs to only to him and nobody should touch him, if any one wanted to do so, objection and questions should be raised and help especially from me should be demanded. i encourage him to discuss anything and everything with me. having said all that, am i sure he won't have sex before marriage? only Allah knows and only Allah can protect him. May Allah protect the children of the ummah ameeen

emina, vancouver - wrote on 12/7/2004 7:52:17 PM
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Comment:I completely agree in the topic of sex education being taught to our children in the Muslim Schools. I often wondered about this, and I am so very pleased to hear these views. Our children need to be taught sex education islamically and with great respect. To respect themselves and their own bodies...And to protect what has been given to them with the upmost dignity....Hearing this and listening to this not only through parents at home, but learning it in the Muslim Schools just signifies the importance of this issue.....And such a great comment about molestation, and being able to talk about it...With complete trust and so on....That would just be to heavy of a weight to walk through life with..... Great subject......

Dr Hisham, London - wrote on 11/9/2004 6:33:39 PM
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Comment:Sexual education is very important and we should endeavour to get the right information across to our younger Muslims. There was a teacher of mine Mrs Haroon, i say her name as she has been a big influence in my life. This lady was terminally ill from Ovarian cancer and she used to come to teach us till her last.She made sure to iclude sexual education in our curriculum and encouraged debate on this topic in our class. we were in O levels hardly about 14 years. So Parents and teachers should agree as to what sort of presentation about sex is protrayed to their children and it should be protrayed as a natural and Holy thing rather than a source of lust and exploitation. inculcating these views will result in better people not just Muslims.

Vienna, Manitoba - wrote on 10/24/2004 12:28:27 PM
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Comment:I am not muslim, however I think that it is a great thing to teach children sex ed and to do it in a way that upholds muslim beliefs, & values. My only worry would be for example teaching about intercourse too late. Some children with or without a religious backgrounds will have sex early. Also embarrassment can come from NOT talking about the subject. I was raised in a home where we had open discussions about our bodies & sex, as well as sex ed in a mixed classroom. This in no way caused me to disrespect my body or spirit, if anything it made me more aware of the risks & threats to my personal well being. With that said, as I mentioned before, i'm not Muslim so I understand that decisions must be based on what your religion say. Best of luck!

Jakobe , chicago il - wrote on 10/5/2004 9:14:23 AM
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Comment:i think sex ed should be taught because you can learn so much about yourself and what changes you will experince growing up.

Shahnaaz, Scarborough - wrote on 9/22/2004 9:49:57 AM
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Comment:I thinks this is a great idea, and I as a parent thank these teachers that are teaching sex education in an islamic way. This is the best way!!!

Ally, London - wrote on 9/4/2004 5:12:17 PM
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Comment:Why should the subject of sex be taboo? For any race, religion and society sex will one day happen for a person. Muslim parents shouldnt hide such a topic. They need to tell their children about it but tell them that they have to wait until theyre married. Its a fact of life that shouldnt be ingored. How is a woman gonna know about contraception on her wedding night if the subject hasnt come up before? Wouldnt a parent prefer to tell their children whats right and whats wrong and how everything is rather than to learn from a friend? If i was a mother with a teenager i would tell him/her whats what rather than wait to be told that my child has learnt from hearsay. Doesnt it also promote closeness within the family If a mother and her daughter or a father and his son talk of such things? Communication is the key to help children learn whats right from wrong in their religion.

Leigh, Toronto - wrote on 7/15/2004 3:54:50 PM
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Comment:I think whoever thinks sex education should be taught in islamic schools is correct! I am Canadian and am a converted Muslim. I was taught sex education when I was about 10 in the canadian public school system and it was very good- professional and important. I dont think we can have our children wait until they are 14 or 15 years old! Girls especially need to be taught this at an earlier age- 10 or 11, at 15 it is too late- we have been wondering about what has been happening to us for 3-4 years! everything is important and can be taught withing the guidlines of Islam! thank you

HASSAN MARYAM, LAGOS NIGERIAN - wrote on 5/26/2004 10:35:54 AM
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Comment:I think the issues of Sex Education should be encourage in Islamic Schools. This is very important for all Muslim students to know Alal from Aram. In Islam pre-marital sex is not allow. I think parents and teacher should make is known to them. And they should be thought seperate. Thanks.

Khalid, Toronto - wrote on 4/21/2004 12:45:16 PM
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Comment:I totally disagree. I think sex education should absolutely be an open topic. After all that's what our kids are seeing in these non-muslim societies.You can't hide them from the dark realities that you know for a fact that we will be dawned on to one day or the other.Based on my own experience, I think muslim parents just shun this topic.So do the teachers...which leaves our innocent kids only one abysmal option, i.e to turn to the society. I think they should be lectured about it not only in schools but at homes but in a totally islamic way.They oughtta be told what's right and what's wrong. We oughtta tell 'em that pre-martial sex is tottaly haram and we should denounce it at the same time. A guy two three coloums up is right that we should tell our kids to respect themselves and if the moment comes just say no. You know I have so much on my mind about this very topic that i like to share but I aint got enough time to jot it. Bottom line, yeah there's a time and age for everything. I think for this topic 14 is the best age in both genders.We should clearly differentiate between haram and halal here and tell our kida to follow the same. Allah hafiz Peace

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