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kamal, chicago - wrote on 4/22/2004 12:08:04 PM
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Comment:God tells us in the Quran that He sent down all the Book of guidence and since they are from the same source there are similarities in them.

toby, jones - wrote on 4/22/2004 12:40:03 AM
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Comment:The differences between Christianity and Islam will continue to be debated for ever...It has been difficult for me to believe that those who follow Islam see the Koran as the complete word of God. Much of the Koran and the Hadiths are direct copies from the Bible; stories of miracles,sayings and theological meanings are obviously not original in nature. To me this cannot be overlooked as pure co-incidence. More importantly, as a Christian I can not accept Mohammad as the final Prophet of God-a teacher maybe- but not a prophet.

Neil, - wrote on 4/17/2004 11:46:28 AM
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Comment:A good article, and mostly well balanced. However, as a Christian, and I detect some errors and faulty reasoning in the article. The so-called gospel of Barnabas was never quoted by Iranaeus. With the greatest respect, you have made an error in this assertion. Nowhere does any reference to the gospel of Barnabas appear before the 1500's CE. Fifteen hundred years with no mention of the book whatsoever. Not even the Quran mentions it, which seems surprising, if the gospel of Barnabas had actually existed at that time. The most reasonable conclusion is that the gospel of Barnabas is a medieval forgery. It didn't get mentioned before the sixteenth century CE because it didn't exist before then. Descriptions of the real character of Barnabas and his relationship to Paul are found in the book of Acts, and in the letters of Paul. They were companions and supporters of each other. They co-authored letters. The article also correctly noted that the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were not written during the lifetime of Jesus, but then implied that the Quranic version must be more reliable. The Quran was given many hundreds of years after the time of Jesus. The four Gospels of the Bible were all written within 50 or 60 years of the death and resurrection of Jesus, by eyewitnesses, or close associates of eyewitnesses of the events. The earliest manuscript evidence (copies of copies) for these books dates from the early second century CE. Paul's letters, which were written only a couple decades after the events, describe the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Paul was well acquainted with the original eyewitness disciples. In fact, Barnabas was the one who introduced him to them! Paul spent substantial time as a guest at Peter's house. His account is reliable. I mean no disrespect, but the four biblical Gospels and the letters of Paul were written hundreds of years before the Quran, and the thousands of surviving early manuscripts and manuscript fragments attest that they have come down to us unchanged in any substantial way. It does not seem reasonable to question their reliability. There is not a single surviving manuscript, manuscript fragment, or actual mention of the gospel of Barnabas before the sixteenth century. It does not seem reasonable to accept it as reliable. Once again, thank you for this article, it is one of the more balanced that I have read.

zainab, uk - wrote on 4/12/2004 7:05:27 PM
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Comment:i would like to comment on the very first person making comments about what Allah swt has said in the Quran about women and heaven im not sure what this friend has actually read but there are many verses in the Quran which refer to beleiving men and women to be sent to heaven as there are many verses stating about unbeleiving men and women for eg: 67. The hypocritical men and the hypocritical women are all alike; they enjoin evil and forbid good and withhold their hands; they have forsaken Allah, so He has forsaken them; surely the hypocrites are the transgressors. 68. Allah has promised the hypocritical men and the hypocritical women and the unbelievers the fire of hell to abide therein; it is enough for them; and Allah has cursed them and they shall have lasting punishment. 71. And (as for) the believing men and the believing women, they are guardians of each other; they enjoin good and forbid evil and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, and obey Allah and His Apostle; (as for) these, Allah will show mercy to them; surely Allah is Mighty, Wise. 72. Allah has promised to the believing men and the believing women gardens, beneath which rivers flow, to abide in them, and goodly dwellings in gardens of perpetual abode; and best of all is Allah's goodly pleasure; that is the grand achievement. 35. Surely the men who submit and the women who submit, and the believing men and the believing women, and the obeying men and the obeying women, and the truthful men and the truthful women, and the patient men and the patient women and the humble men and the humble women, and the almsgiving men and the almsgiving women, and the fasting men and the fasting women, and the men who guard their private parts and the women who guard, and the men who remember Allah much and the women who remember-- Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a mighty reward. 5. That He may cause the believing men and the believing women to enter gardens beneath which rivers flow to abide therein and remove from them their evil; and that is a grand achievement with Allah 10. Surely (as for) those who persecute the believing men and the believing women, then do not repent, they shall have the chastisement of hell, and they shall have the chastisement of burning. in other verses of the Holy Quran Allah swt address humans as Oh mankind this is not referred to just men it is reffered to both men and women alike.

T, NZ - wrote on 3/8/2004 9:36:40 PM
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Comment:I did enjoy the site as I am studying the muslim religion and it offers good information. I am a christian and I will always be a christian. Allah just seems to me as an impersonal god where christianity depicts God as father, kind, loving and wanting all to repent. I have and am reading the Quran and it says nothing that makes me want to follow Allah. It does not say he is loving and kind. Mercifull yes. And then there's heaven. To me it seems like heaven is mostly for men "and therin shall be the damsels with retiring glances, whom nor man nor djinn hath touched before them". What of woman? What will be their reward in heaven? Will they also have virgin girls or something? Im sorry if I sound insulting, Im just curious. Also the pray five times a day ritual seems impersonal and as if you just do it because you have to. I may not bow and prostrate myself, but I go on my knees and I lift up my hands in surrender. I have seen God do things and he has answered my prayers many times. I have nothing against muslims as the religion seems similar to me. We all agree there is one God. I do not worship the Holy spirit, and I believe that God id the one and only God and I believe Jesus is God's son yet in the bible it does say that the father is in the son and the son in the father therefore they are one.

ashraf, uk - wrote on 3/1/2004 12:36:50 PM
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Comment:This artcle is one of the best artcles i have ever read about christianity.Owing to its precise and consise style i really enjoyed it.The information i got it really strengthened my believe in allah.I hope that the christians study this artcle.

Sheikh Abdulsamad Al Amoudi, United Arab Emirates /Dubai - wrote on 1/31/2004 7:41:14 AM
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Comment:Really informative site needs more time to read in details, may allah rewards for the such a noble work ..,

Lori, Nassau, Bahamas - wrote on 12/24/2003 10:06:45 AM
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Comment:As a Muslim and a former Christian, I found this article to be a very good comparison from the Islamic point of view. I will forward it to my non-Muslim relatives inshAllah. This is a wonderful website.

Shymaa, Planet Earth - wrote on 12/13/2003 4:44:21 AM
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Comment:Great article. As a former Christian, I can understand some Christians feeling that this is biased, because sometimes learning the truth is very painful. It was painful for me, but once the truth about the teachings of Christianity was known to me, I was compelled to become a Muslim, just like JESUS.

Robert, east coast of Us - wrote on 12/9/2003 7:03:57 PM
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Comment:As a student at this time I have been doing a project on this subject. I found this site to be very informitive and intersting though there is a bit of bias reguarding to one side I feel that this article is almost the best it could have had been. It was a very helpfull and best of all easy to understand without the need of religious information on both sides.

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