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Juan, Canada - wrote on 12/24/2005 2:42:22 AM
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Comment:Thank you so much for having these types of article available. We have the truth and I am a muslim with all my heart, and with all the ummah. Now, I am not in the wrong path.

Maria baig, pakistan - wrote on 12/22/2005 5:07:50 AM
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Comment:I m a Muslim girl.i got a great information about what christians think and bible says.it helped me to make my assignment that was based on a comparison.May Allah guide all to the right path.Ameen.ALLAH HAFIZ.

shaima, london - wrote on 12/21/2005 3:18:29 PM
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Comment:asalam u alaikum brothers and sisters in islam i think that what has been written is great and should go in the news papers so that everybody would get a chance to know the truth. that there is only on God to be worshipped in this life and that islam is the religion that will lead you to paradise (inshaallah). And that this life is a test for all nations and allah will reward those who found the right path and those who didn't will be punished for their laziness to not look for the right religion( just because you were brought up to be a christian, jew that doesn't mean that your parents were right and believe what they believe. asalamu alaikum and may allah guide those who are not in the right path to the right path AMEEN. BYEEEE

carlos, uruguay - wrote on 11/10/2005 7:55:48 PM
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Comment:Very interesant. I'm working with two egiptian people and we used to talk about religion diferences and similars between christian and islam. This work is very interesant and show me a lot of things about this milenium and actual religion. Felicitaciones. Seguir informando al mundo de la realidad del islam

Josie , Australia - wrote on 10/6/2005 11:08:47 AM
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Comment:Being raised as a christian and not understanding islam, this knowledge has been very beneficial to me........has shown me a lot of things I didn't know...it would be a true blessing to see christian and moslim walk side by side in God's name

Matthew P, Brisbane, Aust - wrote on 8/6/2005 8:08:39 AM
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Comment:I have long sought a answer, what do christians V's Muslins believe. I have been looking why muslims believe in blowing themselves up, what is there reasoning? I am interested in seeing the simlarities rather than the differances in these two religions are. I am hoping to bring them together rather than pushung them apart. God/Allah the creator must have had a purpose in doing this. Can we find common ground.

Saghar, - wrote on 7/29/2005 2:01:03 PM
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Comment:Salaam, It was wonderful response for all of question. Indeed it answered some of the questions that I had. God bless

Joseph, Minnesota - wrote on 7/19/2005 2:01:51 AM
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Comment:This is a very clear minded article about the differing views of Jesus Christ. The fact that most of the "Canonnical" books of Christianity were written long after God brought him to Himself does bring thier accuracy into question. But as someone who was raised a Gentile and not being forced in childhood to be a certian religion, Pauls writtings, among the others, did help me to accept God and Jesus, and ultimatly the Quran. And I would like say that I beleive that what GOD (who deserves all praise) allows, He allows for good reason, even if we do not understand.

Jim "Suldog" Sullivan, Watertown, MA, USA - wrote on 7/13/2005 12:43:26 PM
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Comment:This was a very constructive and enlightening piece of writing. I was raised in the Roman Catholic church, have been a Christian for most of my life, but am recently struggling with my faith - not my faith in the Almighty God, but in the particulars of his many messages and messengers. I very much appreciate your calm and reasoned approach to this comparison, and I will ask God (as always) for His guidance in leading me to the correct actions I must take. May He guide us all to the truth! Peace to you.

sean , united states - wrote on 4/28/2005 11:30:59 AM
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Comment:i've been interested in learning about other religions because the question comes to me as a Christ follwer, "what makes you right, how come other religions like islam aren't right?" i've been working to keep an open mind so i can learn as much as possible about Islam, seeing the differences and the similarities. i see how Christianity and Islam are similar, but also how they are so different, mainly in the view of Christ. i will be praying for open minds for all people in all religions, allowing God to reveal the truth. -in HIS way, sean

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