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NIZAR, KERALA - wrote on 5/16/2010 12:22:26 PM
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Comment:GOD says in QURAN that he will give you rebirth (to procecute) from your cells. ... understand the theory and examin it whether practical? .... Man started to give birth from cells by cloning... science says : on top of a safety pin can accomadate lakhs of cells.. then imagine whether God can accomadate one or two cells with him of every human being and give rebirth? .. He is almighty..

NIZAR, KERALA - wrote on 5/16/2010 12:00:17 PM
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Comment:In Quran GOD says once all the people of the world will become muslims and Jesus (pbuh) will reign the world... Now last american census says within next 40 to 50 years the number of muslims will tripple from 157 crore.. quran itself says no contrasts in it as it proves from GOD.... "In the last moment of the world's destruction water will be fired off"- quran says. .... this was very strongly opposed by science and scientists till the half past of the last century.. But now science says "if ozone hamoured much some rays from sun will divide the water into hidregen and oxigen.".... Im telling you just imagine what will happen after all...

NIZAR, KERALA - wrote on 5/16/2010 11:24:21 AM
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Comment:please friends this is not for an argument... Mr. Joe, Mr.Birdhlynn and friends,.... Mr. Joe, "ILAH" (Allah) is the real arabic version of "JEHOVAH".... Mr. Birdhlynn, In Quran most talked prophet is MISSIAH (PEACE MAY UPON HIM) and not Mohammed (peace may upon him). And you may go thru the old testament Bible for an upcoming prophet named ''PERICULATIS''. Its arabic version is Mohammed (means praised) (pmuh)..... In "MAHISAD PURANA" Saint Mahisa from Indian epics before many thousandS of years says "one prophet will come and teach the lessons of god. whose name starts in 'M' pronounsiation ("m"karam' is colloquial languged used), his followers will use to cover heads and they will murmer into new born baby's ear what they utter from their worship centres". It is another witness of Mohammed (pmuh) before many thousands of years of his birth as till this time all these prophecies matched to Mohammed(pmuh) and Islamism...... Islamism: (please keep its meening unto the end of this article - "subission to GOD"). Muslims believe all the prophets as per Quran which considers many prophets Adam(pmuh) to Mohammed(pmuh) including NOAH (pmuh), Jacob(pmuh), Abraham (pmuh) Missiah(pmuh) Jesus(pmuh), Isaac(pmuh), Sakharia (pmuh), Joseph (pmuh)..etc.. PEACE MAY UPON THEM.... As per the Quranic concept the "founder of Islam is not Mohammed (pmuh)". The first man in the universe itself was a prophet Adam (pmuh). So Islamism starts from there for human being. To understand it in a better sense better to think and rethink yourself with joining all these elements and with your ideas and element you get from other sources. Please go through the below articles. And Islamism in its wast sense developed by the Prophet Abraham (pmuh) with strongly denaying the idol worship of human beings (i feel pain still the followers of that Great Abraham9pmuh) worship idols). Jesus and Muhamed (peace may upon them)tried their level best for the completion of Islamism and it completed to a unique code with the prophet Mohammed(pmuh). To understand it, you may compare the systems of Islamism and Quran to any other system and holy book. (i hope you will refer it with keeping in my mind, 'man is created with material and spiritual elements).... About the prophets of God: When a muslim hears the name of any a prophet , he/she must respect and pray (peace may upon him) for the prophet even for MISSIAH, JESUS, NOAH, and all the prophets (pmut), otherwise he/she is not muslim as per the concept. Than Islamism and Muslims any one respect this much the prophets?... Islamism: "SUBMISSION TO GOD". Is it a bad concept?.... Quran: Quran means 'to be read". Nowadays the most printing book in the world is Bible. But the most reading book in the world is Quran. Quran itself reveals its holyness..'In quran God says He will keep up the book from rewriting with changes by man'.... Assalamu alaikum: "May GOD's peace and mercy upon you" is the greatest greeting to deliver to any one at "anytime". As per the concept who convey this greeting must be heartly and you can understand clearly this greeting's power which can create a positive and godly inspiration for further movements. A wonder behind it , that this is the greeting billions of times used a day all over the word than any greating. (it contains god's name also). Call for prayer from mosques : It is just five times a day limited process. But the wonder behind it is, it's not having a gap in between one to another, from one area to another even a single minute. That means twenty four hour process happening with five times a day arrangement to praise GOD. WHO CAN CREATE IT THIS MUCH BEATIFULLY?..... Prayers: This prayer is included both spiritual and material or prayer and excercise, which refresh a man both heart(mind) and body. Scientists say these simple prayers can keep up a human being healthy both mentally and physically. Modern science say simple excercise with meditation in the early morning can make a man long live. You know my friends, early morning prayer is the smallest and simplest among the five times prayer. And in these prayers with excercise, "all th major folding of a human body are risklessly used well", science contnues. Than it , a five time really praying one cant go for sins. IS IT BAD OR GOOD FOR HUMAN BEINGS?..... RAMAZAN FASTING: You can examine it with your biological knowledge. this one month course of fasting can remove toxins from your body and refresh you. Spiritually this time fills our mind with godness and makes the real muslim to tolerate and love all the creatures and to know the hungry of poor and the value of food to save and not to waste... ZAKATH AND ZADAKHA: "COMPULSORY DONATION" TO THE PEOPLE WHO DESERVE IT EVEN FROM THE ASSETS HELPS TO CREATE SOCIALISTIC WORLD.... ISLAMIC LAWS: These laws touches each and every aspects of life of human being and it has a unique code even to manage a family, society and nation. eg: alcoholic consumption, prostitution and interest on money are strictly prohibited for muslims. See how beautiful the world will be if it is practiced? If you study well these laws you can understsnd, everyday its importance is raising...... WE ARE PAYING THE ELECTRICITY BILL TO THE PROVIDERS , BUT WHAT ARE WE PAYING AGAINST THE POWER GIVEN BY SUN AND NATURE? SOME MAY ARGUE THAT'S "GIVEN BY NATURE OR SUN & NOT BY GOD." CAN I ASK? "EVEN A SAFETY PIN YOU SEE HERE MADE ITSELF"? BECAUSE NATURE HAS A SYSTEM AN "UNBELIEVABE SYSTEM". WE ALL HAVE BEEN GOT BRAIN AND ALL CHANCES TO CRITICISE AND LEARN. IF WE ARE ACCEPTING (OR BUYING) A THING WONT WE CHOOSE THE BEST?

sarfaraz ali khan, Kolkata - wrote on 5/15/2010 4:02:33 PM
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Comment:Joe my friend ur second saying "Jesus was not "born" of original sin. and was perfect" 'i.e without male intervention? K's lets check this out who is born more sinless Jesus (PBUH) or Adam (PBUH) Jesus was in the womb of Mother MARY (PBUH) so since he was in her womb so Jesus(PBUH) was made of her ovum which is a dirty water and on the other hand Adam (PBUH) was made without any mother or a Father and he was out of a mixture of mud and water which is more pure and hygenic than ovum so over here Jesus (PBUH) is created of dirty water and on the other hand Adam (PBUH) was made of more pure substances.So Adam (PBUH) is more sinless in his birth. So he is much more perfect than Jesus (PBUH).

NaNa, - wrote on 5/11/2010 6:23:49 AM
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Comment:You said " Mary couldn't have had Jesus alone ". No, this is completely wrong because the Almighty God is capable of doing everything & anything. He had created Adam PBUH from dust without a need to a male & a female (parents) & then He created Eve from a male without a female ( from Adam only),then He had created Jesus PBUH from a female without a male (only from Virgin Mary) & this was his first miracle PBUH, for the rest of humans they are all created with the 2 genders (female & male). God showes us very few examples on His unlimited power & capabilities. OK?

me, - wrote on 5/10/2010 12:17:37 AM
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Comment:christians still believe in the GOD of Abraham please don't delete

NaNa, - wrote on 5/8/2010 8:05:31 AM
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Comment:To Mathias: thank u 4 the reply but very honestly, i can't understand all these things together, sorry but this contains contradictions, i mean the verses u gave me with the verses i mentioned in my last msg & many others, sometimes Jesus PBUH is taken as a God, sometimes as a son of God & other times as a human, u can find this reading in the different Gospels. & also i still don't find a verse in which Jesus PBUH says " worship me" . He PBUH always refer to God & he said (the Lord OUR God is ONE)Mark 12:29 this is very clear despite all the human interference in the Bible, may God show all of us the Truth. peace.

Arshiya, Pune - wrote on 5/8/2010 5:09:04 AM
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Comment:Assalamualaikum, this is a very nice information provided above, hope our brothers and sisters see the truth and follow the one and only GOD, ALLAH and beleive that Jesus (PBUH) was a Prophet, a Messenger of Allah who was sent to the world to teach us to protect ourselves from Sins, dont make a BIG sin by calling him the lord.... Prophet Jesus will not like it either......

Mathias, - wrote on 5/6/2010 12:06:26 PM
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Comment:This is to NaNa Question. Did Jesus taught that He is God? Yes,Yes. If you see me then you have seen the father. John 14:5-14. Jesus is God Colossians 2:2-4. He was and is the Image of the Invisible God ,the first born over all creation Colossians 1:15.

John L Causey, Peoria - wrote on 5/5/2010 7:37:12 PM
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Comment: I have to say respectfully that your faith is truly incorrect. I am a witness and I can tell you that I have seen JESUS twice in my life. HE looked the same the second time as HE did the first. I have also heard the voice of the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob on a number of occasions as loud and clear as you were speaking to your neighbor through the window or over the next fence. I am lead by the Holy Spirit to leave this verse of from the New Testament of the Holy Bible! Philippians 2:9-11 states Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, 10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of the Father. GOD loves us all! Repent and confess your sins before it is too late!

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