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Ahmed Mohamed, Tanzania - wrote on 12/30/2004 4:30:23 AM
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Comment:The article is simply written but conveys a very important message. It helps me to reflect from time to time on relationship with my wife. Jaza kumu llahul khairun.

Abdulhafeez, Nigeria - wrote on 12/10/2004 7:04:29 AM
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Comment:I must say Jazakumlla Khaira to the author of this article, for his/her effort in bringing sanity to marriages around the world. I have been married for about 2years now and i have never enjoyed a week of happy marriage. But, Alhamdulillahi, after implementing all i have read in this article, my marriage life changed instantly, honestly i can not beleive that marriage can be this intresting. Thank you, Assalamu-Alaikum.

Tanya, Canada - wrote on 10/24/2004 3:14:32 AM
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Comment:Asaalamu Alaikum. Beautifully written! In the name of Islam, we need to see many more articles such as this to highlight the religion in the positive light that it so truly deserves. As a new Muslim, I believe that regardless of culture, or religion, this guidance needs to be shared with ALL people entering marriage.

handaru asmoro, washington - wrote on 10/3/2004 12:15:51 AM
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Comment:Thank you. I'm planning to get married soon, so the article has been most helpful.

Carson, USA - wrote on 8/12/2004 11:29:20 AM
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Comment:Very good, This has really allowed me to reflect upon myself. I am a christian, but am studing the ways of Islam. I see the need for my self reflection and correct my response and treatment of my wife, who I want to learn how to love more dearly and respect properly.

hana, bahrain - wrote on 7/24/2004 9:12:53 PM
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Comment:this helps me.. i always refer to it from time and time again. thankyou

Maurice Diggs, Austin,Texas - wrote on 3/26/2004 12:48:11 PM
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Comment:I think this is a great artical that someone has put on this wed site.

MOHAMED RAFI, UNITED KINGDOM - wrote on 2/25/2004 3:11:35 PM
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Comment:Assalamualaikum, The article here about marriage is wonderful. Helped me to know about the islamic perspective of marriage, which is the real fact. Thank you, brothers for the help. I suggest if u post some tips for muslims marrying non muslims (to be muslims), quotes from the quran and the hadith regarding it, may be helpful. Wasalam, With love and prayers, Rafi.

Tharannum, Jubail - wrote on 12/1/2003 8:21:37 AM
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Comment:May allah reward you for such a good artical,i think women try to change by reading but men never change their ego hurts if they change.

Khadija, AUSTRALIA - wrote on 8/28/2003 12:35:56 AM
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Comment:Salam alaikum, To Elizabeth Ali, May Allah reward you for your losses in this world. I feel for you as you seem to be a very nice person to help that man and his kids. How unfortunate for you that you needed to be subjected to very unislamic ways. But Allah (SWT) knows best and for a misfortune Allah (SWT) will inshAllah show fortune in others ways as Allah (SWT) knows best. May Allah Subhana Wa Ta'aala have mercy on you and your family. Wa salam alaikum warahmutalli wabarakhathu

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