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shabnam, UK - wrote on 12/31/2005 3:29:50 PM
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Comment:It's a great article but is there any way I can get an urdu translation of it as I think my husband should read it. Although I don't know if it would have any effect on him cos he refuses to believe anything other than what he wants. Thanks Great advice.

Sujatha Shan, Abu Dhabi - wrote on 12/3/2005 6:12:07 AM
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Comment:I wouldnt say the information given by the author is just a piece of advice, however, it is a guildeline/framework that husband and wife has to follow to ensure that they are being true to their spouse,religion and conscience. Man being a social animal,is dependent on people for something or other and the most required dependency is on his/her spouse for almost everything.Understanding ,love ,affection,physical relation and trust are the strongest binding forces in a relationship between man and wife. And this is what the author has emphasized and given in a manner that is easy to perceive.

ABDULWAHAB, LONDON / BRITAIN - wrote on 11/27/2005 6:29:13 PM
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Comment:Salam A. I can only say that Islam is universal thing and marriage is one example. Wherever we are in the world we are the fine production of a man and woman, so the whole article is about how to improve the quality life of our society, the sociaty is about man, husband and their children. If we conduct our lives according to this article there would no more trouble on our streets. For Elizabeth Ali, please do not let "these" to accupy your mind. You are great person and every great person has some tests to go through.

debleena, pune - wrote on 11/8/2005 2:00:58 AM
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Comment:everything thats written here in order to improve the marriage as well as how to lead the marital life is very effective for the married as well as the unmarried people. i personally believed in all these and i m glad to know that i m right.. this will help all the couples having problems in their marital life. it will also help them to save their devastating marriage n lead their life happily if they follow this honestly and sincerely.. thanks a lot

jasmine, addis ababa ethiopia - wrote on 11/1/2005 9:52:31 PM
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Comment:thank you so much for this article will help everybody who wanna make sakinnah mawadah wa rahmah family

JF, Philadelphia - wrote on 10/28/2005 6:52:04 PM
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Comment:Maybe I have no right commenting on this board. I am not muslim, but simply came across this website when doing a search for something else. However, now that I've been here and seen what you've written, I feel like I can't leave without complimenting you for a thorough, considerate, and wonderful article. This isn't just good advice for an Islamic marriage. It's good advice for any marriage. I hope more people outside the Islamic community find this webpage. At a time when so many people seem to misunderstand your traditions and your core beliefs, such compasionate and carefully considered advice would go a long way to teaching the rest of us what real Islam can be. Thanks for such a thoughtful piece. Best wishes, JF

Sana, RWP,Pakistan - wrote on 5/18/2005 9:27:05 AM
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Comment:i recently got engaged, so i thought of reading good things that'll help me in future. And i found this very nice effort. I also inform u all that chatting is also a thing that is restricted in Islam, coz by doing that we fulfil ouur desires. If u r able 2 control ur desires n wait 4 the right time, u'll be the most liked person by Allah, May allah bless us all and guide us on the right path.

usman mariam, nigeria - wrote on 5/2/2005 8:24:13 AM
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Comment:assalam alykum,may ALLAH in His infinite mercy enrich the author of this beutiful write up.am about to get married an i believe this is a googd way to start my new life with my parter.

james, georgia - wrote on 3/26/2005 2:46:18 AM
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Comment:great advice! however, more needs to be done to keep people from manipulating the tenets of islam for thier own selfish desires. like my religion, i have seen abusive, obsessive men manipulate the standards of religion to trap women, to beat women, and to characterize anything different as sin or worse. i have muslim friends and many of the women are treated terrible. this is not to say that Islam is bad, rather the selfishness of men who proclaim islamic standards in order to keep a woman in fear and terror is what the problem is. any idealism can be-and throughout history has been- used to justify horrible atrocities on so many peoples. i hope this forum will put more focus on the domestic violence issues that pervade islamic families as well as christian, jewish, and secular families. its an epidemic and dont think that muslims are immune because they are not. i am always shocked when a violent man who beats his wife uses the quran to justify this behavior. i have seen it. as a christian, i was disappointed to see this in my religion as well. this is why there is such thing as divorce. men are given the benefit of the doubt in all religions as head of the house, but often abuse this title to thier own gain. Allah is in heaven shaking his head in frustration on how so many abusers use Him to justify thier own selfish, abusive attitudes towards their women. when will the true nature of domestic violence in all faiths -and non faiths- be addressed honestly? all things and all standards are used to trap a woman and keep her in a living hell while the man confuses the issue with his so called religious justification of his behavior. i mean, what chance does the woman have if she is being publicly viewed as a sinner for all his false accusations? i know that as musliims you all dont want to be viewed as terrorists. yet like christians you falsely accuse others different than you and even those within your faith. i mean how else can they be controlled, right? i have learned that islam is no better than christianity. if it were, i would become one immediately. i am sad to see the lessons i have learned from growing up in a christian family have not been improved upon in the islamic faith. may Allah show you the true destroyer of all faiths and all people-the deceiver who uses a faith to torment his family. for as much as women are charcterized negatively its really the man who often does this so that he may keep her for eternal torment. thinkits not true? look into it and you will see that domestic violence is often justified through all our standards and so many live in fear yet have to be good muslims or christians or whatever. take the honest road. talk about the truth about the ills of domestic violence. it is the biggest threat to yours and all faiths. in fact it is the biggest problem in society as a whole. make Islam the standard for changing this epidemic and i will join Islam in a heartbeat!

Fatima, USA - wrote on 1/25/2005 8:19:24 PM
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Comment:For Elizabeth Ali, I pray that God helps you through all the pain you have undergone in this world so that you may be patient, faithful to God alone, and retain something much more permanent in the next life. Ameen. With many prayers.

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