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9/11/2003 12:09:00 AM
Dua, Thinking, Praying for Peace & Third Side
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In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Mercy-Giving
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Wednesday, September 10, 2003, Rajab 13, 1424 AH
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Assalamu Alaikum

On this day, America is marked by prayers, memorials, silence, and

Today, I too join in the prayers; reflecting on humanity, thinking
of war and peace; thinking of fear and hope; thinking of people with
us and against us; and thinking of the people who could form a third
side. I am fasting, thinking, and praying.

Dua is supplication; it is - talking to our Creator, The Lord of the
universe. It is the essence of worship.

The Prophets were human beings who showed us the path to overcome
our human limitations.

The Prophets were achievers. Their path is a lighted path.

They were arbitrators. Remember how Prophet Muhammad averted a war
regarding Hajr Aswad?

They were forgivers. All Makkans who tortured, killed and expelled
the believers from Makka were forgiven by Muhammad.

They chose words wisely. Remember Moses and Aaron in the court of

They were visionaries. Think of Abraham who put seeds in a barren

They were bridge-builders.

They were hopeful. Think of Muhammad who said, "Even if you see that
apocalypse is about to happen and you have a plant in your hand, go
ahead and plant it."

The Prophets did their utmost for peace. After every Salat Muhammad
prayed for peace. "Allahumma antas salam, ... Hayyena Rabbana bis

In his tradition, we pray for peace with the same very words.

But whatever we want in this life, we must strive for. Prayers are
our statement of intentions. When we act upon them, we score. When
we take one step towards God, God takes ten steps towards us. When
we walk towards God, God comes to us at speed. This is blessings.
Alahmdu lillahe Rabbil alameen.

Let''s make dua and let''s resolve to be a third side in every
conflict - to prevent, to resolve, and to contain, in our
neighborhoods and around the world. Let''s each be a peace maker.

Humanity is one. It''s Creator is One who created everything.

Let''s follow the path of the Prophets to save humanity from
destroying itself.

Allahu Akbar wa lillahil Hamd.

Abdul Malik Mujahid

O Lord of the Universe! Save us all from words
which hurt and bless us with hearts that touch
O God, grant us the wisdom to learn from the
Guidance which You have blessed upon all Your Prophets.
Please God, comfort and console those who now walk
in sorrow
More Duas for humanity at

Our Lord, give us patience and resolve to deal with
all that is to come
Our Creator, bless us with unity
O God, liberate our innocents
More Duas for Muslims at

O God, make me one of Your true servants
My Lord, please accept my Duas and forgive my sins
Help me raise children who will be better than me
and will help make this a better world for all.
More Duas for individuals at

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