Summer break television and video ideas for kids

Turning Off The Tube

  • Unplug the television during the summer months. TV watching may seem like a simple way to keep the kids occupied and somewhat quiet, but violent and loud programs watched on a regular basis (including cartoons) can pump up the energy level of many children. Bedtime becomes difficult when a child's body has not burned off enough energy during a day of television watching and their mind continues racing with flashing images they have seen on it.
  • Excessive television watching not only promotes materialism (through commercials) but also promotes violence and exposure to subject matter that is far beyond the bounds of Islam. Watching too much TV, too often, drains creativity of the mind. It is addictive and may leave your child without much desire for physical activity or outdoor play with other children.

Family TV Viewing

  • If viewing can be monitored closely by parents, one suggestion is to regulate the time spent in front of the television. Schedule TV viewing times to watch as a family – make an event of it, where the family is the focus – not the glowing box! (As part of TV night, teach the kids how to make popcorn the old fashioned way with a pot on the stove instead of the nuclear-microwave way. Learn to do it yourself, it will be fun for you too!)
  • Choose previewed, appropriate programming. There are plenty of good Islamic videos available for children these days.

Take A 'Classic' Approach

  • Give your kids a historic look at media by checking out some old classic films (easily available at most rental shops) filmed during the days when entertainment was pretty innocent and clean. Silent films are available without music or with soundtracks which can easily be turned down to promote family interaction while still enjoying an educational look at the development of media. (Many old films have been colorized, for kids who may have an issue with black and white pictures.)

Home-style Hollywood

  • Use the family video camera (or an inexpensive rental) to help the kids write, direct and produce their very own video movie! It will help them understand the inner workings of the movie industry while stimulating their creative juices. They can base their story on a Hadith or make their own Adam's World video with homemade paper-bag Adam & Aneesa puppets! Urge them to send us a copy at Sound Vision, we'd love to see it!

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