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16 things you can do to help Sound Vision

by Sound Vision Staffwriter

Alhamdu lilllah, many Muslims have asked us to tell them how they can help Sound Vision. Here are some ideas about how you can help the cause of Sound Vision:

1. Remember us in your Dua

We firmly believe in the power of dua. It is only Allah's mercy that this small team of Sound Vision has come together and continues to serve Muslims in the field of communication. Each time you benefit from any of our free services or products please make Dua for us. Any time you find some mistakes please pray for our forgiveness. Thank you.

2. Donate to Sound Vision Foundation

Do you know where Sound Vision gets most of its funding from? No, it's not from any specific country or government. It's from the generosity of hundreds of private donors who support the work we do. There are several ways you can donate.

3. Link with us

Can you make sure that you always have a link to Sound Vision's home page (http://SoundVision.com) on your facebook account, on your website or wherever you are on the web. Do you have your own website? Or are you the webmaster of one for your Muslim Students' Association (MSA), mosque or Islamic center? If so, why not put a link to Sound Vision's website?

4. Give your time

We are a small team which heavily relies on volunteers. We always have more volunteers than staff. Please volunteer your time.

5. Give your Zakat for Sound Vision

One of the eight categories Zakat can be given for is the cause of Allah. Muslim scholars Shaikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Dr. Jamal Badawi have given fatwa that Zakat can be given to the great work of dawa and education done by Muslim organizations like Sound Vision. (From Fiqh al-Zakat, part 2, pp 666-669, 1981 (5th edition) Al-Risalah Co.)

Please give your next Zakat for Sound Vision.

6. Write for Sound Vision

Have you always had the knack for writing well? Did you ace or get 90s in English? Alhamdu lillah! That means you can communicate with the written word effectively.

That also means you can write for our website. There are so many possibilities here: have you ever wished someone would write practical, realistic articles about the trials and tribulations of Muslim teenagers in America? If so, do this for the teens section of our website.

Did you ever want to see articles about Muslim food that went beyond recipes for ethnic dishes? If so, write for our Halal and Healthy section.

Those are just two examples. We have many more sections which you should check out and offer to write for.

6. Become an intern

If you don't have a job or courses lined up this summer, consider becoming an intern for Sound Vision. Not only will you get paid, but you'll get a chance to taste media and sales work firsthand. Maybe it'll give you a glimpse into journalism, communications and marketing and you'll decide to pursue these fields. And don't forget, you'll be helping us at Sound Vision too with your work by Insha Allah improving the content on our site. How to become an intern.

7. Distribute our catalog

Do you know a parent looking for an alternative to the material on television? Or do you know a new Muslim looking for a CD on Quranic recitation to help them learn how to recite Quran on their own?

Whatever the case, help us distribute our free catalog, which contains these products and more. Call us toll-free to arrange this at 1-800-432-4262.

8. Use our web info and ideas and tell us about them

With Sound Vision's products and website we try to provide Halal education and entertainment alternatives, as well as practical ideas on how to live Islam on a daily basis. Have you ever tried to implement these ideas?

A number of Muslims informed us they had successfully put our Eid ideas, for example, into practice. If you have done so, let us know how it turned out and how we can add or improve to existing material.

Have you used one of our Adam's World videos or one of our songs or CDs for a class project or community event? If so, why and how did it turn out? Tell us, and suggest ways we can improve content and promotion of these and other materials.

9. Give us your feedback

Sound Vision is a firm believer in an open shura process. Please give us your feedback and comments by sending us an e-mail.

10. How can you involve your community center

There are many things which Sound Vision and your community center can do together. Why not you become a bridge between the two of us who are focused on helping Muslims. Talk to Masjids where you have influence. Ask them to buy Islamic books and other material from Sound Vision for the use of schools and Masjids.

11. Let your living room promote Sound Vision

Invite Muslims with good hearts to your living room and show them Sound Vision programs which we have. Ask them how they can support Sound Vision. Share some of these ideas with them.

12. Keep the Introduction of Sound Vision with you

Please keep the introduction of Sound Vision and our catalog available to give out to friends and relatives.

13. Tell us about illegal copies of our products being sold

One major problem Sound Vision faces is that there are about 30 illegal copies sold for each one legal copy we sell. Please inform us if you find someone selling illegal copies.

14. Keep an eye on Muslim talent

If you know of Muslims with writing talent, people with good voices, graphics or video interest, do tell us about them.

15. Contribute a radio report to RadioIslam.com

Alhamdu lillah, traffic to RadioIslam.com, the audio component of Sound Vision website has greatly increased in the last few months. Currently, we have one dedicated sister doing the work, putting together a daily program on the weekdays and a weekend edition. However, given the number of people visiting RadioIslam.com, there is a serious need for more involvement from Muslims.

All you need is a clear voice, a good idea for the program and the motivation to do it. Don't worry about the technical details, Insha Allah, we'll help you with that. If you ever dreamed of being a radio journalist, this is your opportunity! Send an email to info@RadioIslam.com to learn how to.



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