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7 Things Sound Vision can do for you

Sound Vision was established to serve Allah by helping you. Our free information on the web, our programs for children, and documentaries, all are produced for you. However, here are a few more things which we can do for you.

1. We can provide your community newsletter with articles

Some communities are reprinting articles from Sound Vision's website. You can use our articles as well. All you have to do is send us an email about which article you want to reprint and we will send you the permission along with the proper reference style. Our articles aim to provide a Muslim perspective on issues relevant to living Islam today.

These articles offer practical tips and ideas about how to deal with real life situations. They can be distributed en masse (after obtaining permission) so that you, your family and Muslims in your community can deal with the day-to-day issues facing them.

2. We can help you with a speaker

Need someone to give a workshop or a lecture on the media, Islamic education, family or youth? Looking for someone to speak at your next community fundraising dinner? Consider inviting one of the members of Sound Vision's Speakers' Bureau which includes the following team members of Sound Vision:

Br. Abdul Malik Mujahid (president of Sound Vision, an award winning author, A Chicago Imam and National coordinator of Kosova Task Force, USA). Br. Ahmed Murad, Ph.D. (manager multi media production, a Chicago Imam and developer of Al-Qari).Sister Janaan Hashim (Chair advisory board of RadioIslam.com) and Sr. Samana Siddiqui (Content Manager at Sound Vision website, journalist).

Not all of these persons may be available when you want them to visit you. Planning early will increase the chances. Emailing us at info@soundvision.com is the only way to communicate on this. Please put "speaker" in the subject area. Please don't call.

3. We can train young people in your community

Allow Sound Vision to help train a capable journalist (print or radio), web graphics artist, web designer or documentary producer by having a Muslim from your community complete one of our internships.

This is a great way to not only develop media in your Muslim community, but to encourage Muslims to enter fields involving media and communications for the benefit of the national and global Muslim community in the long run, Insha Allah.

4. Provide your community's Islamic weekend school with a curriculum

Sound Vision has developed a syllabus for weekend Islamic school. You can use this one or modify it to suit your need.

5. We can provide you with Radio Programs

Do you have a Muslim community radio show in your area? If so, consider linking up with RadioIslam.com by using our material (prior permission is needed for this, of course).

Also, put together a report to RadioIslam.com about your community. Get the budding radio personalities of your Muslim community to contribute.

6. Free website for your Masjid

If your Masjid still does not have a website, Sound Vision will develop a simple site for you and will host it for a year as well. Providing content and maintenance will be your responsibility. Certain limitations apply.

7. Free lesson plans for your weekend school.

As soon as lesson plan development gets started, we plan to put them online for you to use free of charge insha Allah.


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