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The advent of the world wide web has allowed for an unprecedented free flow of information. There are over 3500 radio stations on the internet. These stations are run by giant broadcasters as well as by single person operators. Although there are numerous radio stations representing Muslim countries, there is to our knowledge not a single daily radio station dedicated to presenting the Muslim point of view on the internet.

The Sound Vision Foundation has launched RadioIslam.com as a bold initiative in the field of Islamic communications. Available on-line, will insh'Allah, be selections from Sound Vision's own award winning productions as well as daily programming which focuses on the concerns and needs of America's burgeoning Muslim community.

RadioIslam.com is a unique and wonderful opportunity for Muslims to harness the phenomenal growth of the internet and use it for dawa and education on a global scale.

What is RadioIslam.com?
RadioIslam.com is a 24 hour Muslim radio station on the internet. We are committed to providing the very best news, features, talk-shows, and entertainment for Muslims young and old. Our daily show is called Living Islam and is produced from our own studios. We also host a weekly talk-show on social service issues within our families and communities. Currently, you will find Quranic recitation, selections from the inspirational songs of Dawud Wharnsby Ali, audio recordings of children's stories, links to live news broadcasts in several languages, as well as interviews and analysis

Where is RadioIslam.com?
Radioislam.com can be found on the web at www.RadioIslam.com

You will need to down load the RealMedia® Player to access the audioclips and you will find links and instructions on how to do so at RadoIslam.Com. After you have downloaded and run the set-up for the RealMedia Player you will, insh'Allah, be able to click on any [click to listen] of RadioIslam.com links and listen.

How can I get involved?
To join the RadioIslam.com team all you have to do is be interested in RadioIslam.com and what it has to offer. We offer many opportunities for students and community members to participate in a multitude of activities, such as: Hosting a show/Production Work/News and Public Affairs/Promotions/Fund Raising/Public Relations/Web Design and much, much more... For more information, sign up on the volunteer roster at the convention booth or tell us by email what you would like to volunteer for:

Ideas for radio shows?
We welcome submissions from the community. You can submit a community report, a story narrated by you, a discussion or a seminar. It simply must be interesting and useful for others. Please submit the idea to us first. If we are interested we will let you know about the technical aspect of production and submission. If you have an idea for a show or a topic that you would like to see discussed, then write it up on the suggestion sheet at the convention booth or Email your ideas to: info@RadioIslam.com

How can I support RadioIslam.com?
You can support us in many ways; primarily by checking out the site often and giving us feedback. You can link RadioIslam.com through your homepage or website and/or find other ways to tell your friends and family about RadioIslam.com and encourage them to check out the site. As well, please take some of these leaflets and post them in your mosque, community centre, university or school. Jazakh Allahu Khair!

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