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Mohammad Ahmed Faruqui was still unsure about what kind of journalism he wanted to pursue as a career.

"I had pretty much made up my mind to go into journalism but had not decided whether to do print or broadcast," he says. He decided to enroll in Sound Vision's summer internship program.

As an intern, not only did he try his hand at writing and copy editing for Sound Vision's website, he also helped edit soundbytes for the multimedia software Al-Qari and got involved in the sales aspect of the business.

"It helped me learn all the dimensions of working in a media company," he says of the internship.

Today, Faruqui is the Health and Religion writer for the News Herald, a Panama City, Florida newspaper.

For him, his internship at Sound Vision "made me more driven to try out what's out there and figure out how it all works and to actually get into the whole business."

He says the internship also provided him with feedback and evaluation of his work.

"In a smaller environment where Sound Vision has just a few people they're able to pay more attention to you and they're able to ask you [to complete] more tasks. If you intern with a large company you might just wind up doing one thing or one category of things whereas with Sound Vision simultaneously, I was working for three or four different people in the same company," he notes.

Faruqui got academic credit for the internship at Sound Vision and in the long run his computer skills were an asset. "Even if you work for a newspaper nowadays you have to be comfortable with a computer."

If you, like Faruqui, are considering journalism, marketing/sales, media and communications as possible career fields, consider becoming a Sound Vision intern like Faruqui. Insha Allah, this summer, Sound Vision is offering 5 internships. Here are the details:


Generally, all internships will be held between May and the end of July this year. The timing though is flexible, so if interns are busy with school for instance, they can arrange to complete internships within the specified period after their classes have ended.


Interns receive a stipend of $175 per week.


Sound Vision will not be offering room and board, however, if interns would like to stay with a local Muslim family during their internship, Sound Vision is willing to help arrange this.

Specific areas in which internships are available

As Faruqui's experience demonstrates, all internships involve working with a variety of other departments at Sound Vision and exposure to overall operations. The areas included are the following:

Multimedia Development

The intern helps develop multimedia programs at Sound Vision, including: ideation, graphic design, programming, alpha testing, beta testing, scanning, and other development-oriented duties.

RadioIslam.com Programming

The intern assists in producing Radio Islam's programs, including: booking, ideation, screening phones, audio production, digitizing, editing, completion of promotional/programming paperwork, and special projects.


The intern answers phones, researches and writes stories, takes feeds, assists with event coverage and is assigned other journalistic duties.


The intern prepares weekly press releases, writes and schedules promotional announcements, works promotional events, compiles and edits the Community Calendar web site feature, and carries out special projects.

Requirements to be a Sound Vision intern

You must currently be a college student (junior, senior, post-graduate) or out of school graduate of any age.

Familiarity with web, real audio, and Chicago is preferred. Previous media experience (school, internship, or professional) preferred. Responsibility, judgment, organization, dependability, promptness, initiative, creativity, and efficiency are key to the success of interns along with the ability to handle deadlines, writing, and audio production

Academic credit

The internship may be taken for credit or independent of school supervision. Interns must be available to work a 40-hour week.


40 hours a week, occasionally odd-hour work or weekend duties.

How to Apply

Interested students are asked to email a resume with a writing sample as attachment

EMAIL: info@SoundVision.com (subject heading be "INTERN")

Applications must be received at least one month prior to the beginning of the internship to assure full consideration. Late applications will be considered if an opportunity exists.

The basis of selection

Interns are selected on the basis of professional potential.

Interns are considered trainees and not employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1973.

Results of completing the internship

During the internship, interns gain exposure to the realities of working in a fast-paced communication company and to related fields.

They also make friends and contacts that they can network with as they start their career.

After interns complete their term at Sound Vision, some return to school and share their new experiences. Others volunteer or temp at Sound Vision. A few become part-time employees.

Interns may obtain full-time positions at Sound Vision. Many interns take their experiences to other media outlets where they begin their careers in journalism and communications.

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