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Sound Vision's New Strategies and Projects
Where is Sound Vision Taking You Next

By Sound Vision Staffwriter

95% Muslim youth in America are neither in Muslim schools nor in Masjids. At the same time Muslims in America are facing the highest divorce rate of any other Muslim community in the world. Our families are at risk. For this reason Sound Vision has changed its strategic plan to address some of these challenges. You will see more focus on at Sound Vision on Muslim family, youth and our neighbors.

Since our establishment in 1988, Sound Vision has provided young Muslims, Muslim families and non-Muslims with our website, quality educational multimedia products, whether it's our hallmark Adam's World videos or our Quran and Hadith CD-Roms. Allah has blessed us and made us pioneers in catering to the need for Islamic knowledge of Muslims and non-Muslims in America and abroad.

Currently, Sound Vision is working on the following seven projects to help the community even better with your help and support, insha Allah.

1. Development and dissemination of free information on how to live Islam everyday

Sound Vision's web site deals with the applied aspect of Islam. Tips on making the most of Eid, how to provide Islamic sex education, fighting racism and prejudice, helping Muslim teens stay Muslim, how to deal with Christmas and other holidays of our neighbors: these are just some of the hot topics we have covered on our web site.

Almost every week Sound Vision sends subscribers a free update with practical information about how to live Islam today, especially in the West.

While the initial focus of the articles was on Muslims in America, today, Muslims in more than 104 countries receive and Insha Allah, benefit from, our free, tips-oriented articles. Some Muslims have told us they successfully used our ideas to live and present Islam to others.

Sound Vision web site has been a major asset for the Muslim community. We engage our neighbors, young Muslims, new Muslims and parents. They are the ones who have made SoundVision.com web site such a major hit that four times more people visit us than the renowned and respected CAIR national web site according to Alexa.com. Our web site focus is applied aspect of Islamic living in the Western context. Here is what we plant to do to move forward:

  • We plan to redo our web site to serve you better with web 2.0 technologies
  • So far we are developing the content only with the help of volunteers. We plan to hire professional writers to produce more articles which you have been demanding

2. Helping other stake holders for the Muslim family and youth

Sound Vision alone cannot handle all the challenges faced by the Muslim family and its youth. It will require a partnership between all stake holders. Here are some of our initial steps to develop this partnership and networking:

  • We plan to issue several free new electronic newsletters for the following stake holders with tips and ideas:
    • Muslim youth: We believe that Muslim youth are crying for help. We need to learn from them about their needs and respond to them
    • Parents: Since it is primarily their responsibility to raise good Muslim children, as well as great students and good citizens
    • Teachers: There are hundreds and thousands of teachers dealing with Muslim children. A tip-oriented newsletter will empower them to carry out their responsibilities better
    • Imams and Masjid Leadership: They are important stake holders with captive audience that include all the stake holders listed here
    • Muslim Artists: Artists reach more people than any other stake holders. They can learn from imams and teachers and come up with creative ways of reaching out
  • We plan to develop social networking sites for all the above stake holders to share resources and help develop the applied content

Please take a brief survey to tell us what you would like to see in our brand new specialized newsletters!

3. Online and Offline Islamic Classes

Sound Vision has been offering classes for nine years. However, there is an increased demand for two types of classes:

  • Intensive classes on the critical issues facing Muslims as we offered recently in Chicago.
  • An online weekend school 2.0 which helps Muslims children achieve best of this world and the hereafter.

Sound Vision is diligently working to develop a course offering for the next year.

4. Building on the success of Radio Islam

Radio Islam is a public affairs program. Since 2000, RadioIslam.com has been producing Radio Islam every day. It is the only daily Muslim radio program in the USA. With 60,000 listeners, half Muslims and half their neighbors, it achieves what it claims: Every one is talking about Islam and Muslims, its about time that we talk!

Guests including who is who of the USA, from professors to Nobel Laureates, journalists to peace activists. Hosts are mostly Muslims. Check out all our past shows right here at RadioIslam.com. We need to urgently do the following:

  • Build a new small studio
  • Increase hours of programming

5. A Major web site for Muslim children

While there are hundreds of web sites for Muslim children, there is nothing which has the content and quality that parents desire or youth enjoy. Our goal is to provide content that will conform to the ideals of Islam in as joyfully an entertaining way as possible. We plan to do the following:

  • Develop three major web sites (age wise) which Muslim children enjoy and parents feel comfortable with
  • To contribute to raising a generation of English-speaking Muslim children totally at ease with their Islamic identity and at the same time able to relate successfully to the intense American environment in which we live

6. Development of FREE lesson plans for Islamic weekend schools

Ninety-nine percent of Muslim children in North America attend public school. Five out of the seven days of a week, they are in a culture and an environment where their Islamic values are at best tolerated and at worst ridiculed. Islamic weekend schools try to compensate for that.

What has been lacking up until now is not the willingness of Muslim adults to teach Islamic principles at weekend classes in our mosques, but a solid curriculum from which they can teach, and a directory of resources with which they can augment their teaching.

Many Muslim men and women with pure intentions but no educational background arrive without preparation at children's classes on Islam on Saturdays or Sundays, and are faced with a perplexing dilemma: what to teach and how to go about it. Sound Vision is developing a solution:

  • Sound Vision plans to divide all the basic Islamic information into 100 units
  • Each unit will be turned into a lesson plan
  • Each unit will go through the hands of Islamic scholars, teachers and Muslim artists before it is posted online for free use
  • Each lesson plan will be posted with blog like features so that teachers and parents can post their feedback for the rest

We've started by assembling Muslim educators and thinkers to help develop these lesson plans. Once it is ready to be used, Sound Vision will make it freely available to everyone by various publishing means, including the Internet.

The Weekend Muslim School Plan project is one more example of Sound Vision's commitment to the community and our answer to an urgent need. more about Weekend School Lesson Plans.

7. The internship program

In the summer of 1998, Mohammad Ahmed Faruqui was still unsure about what kind of journalism he wanted to pursue as a career. He decided to enroll in Sound Vision's summer internship program.

Faruqui got academic credit for the internship. Today, he is a reporter for the News Herald, a Panama City, Florida newspaper.

Sound Vision's internships aim at Muslims college students interested in the fields of media and communications getting practical, hands-on experience by working for a Muslim multimedia company. Sound Vision provides each intern with a weekly stipend while they learn and contribute.

Currently, Sound Vision has a number of internships available for the coming summer. Your support and financial aid will help make this project accessible to even more Muslims, Insha Allah.

Please see more details about our internship program.

Please donate today right here.

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