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Sound Vision
helping tomorrow's Muslims today!

For years Muslims in the West were content to be consumers and even targets of the media. Then came North America's first Islamic multimedia company, Sound Vision.

Rather than see our identities and those of our children taken away from us, Sound Vision chose to defy the status quo and develop Islamic media that would inform, educate and entertain our families. Using the media to introduce non-Muslims to Islam was also being virtually ignored. With these thoughts in mind, Sound Vision was born in 1988.

Since our inception, Sound Vision has blossomed into its own charitable foundation (aptly named the Sound Vision Foundation) which maintains controlling interest in a growing media company, SoundVision.Com.

Despite very humble resources, Sound Vision has, by the Grace of Allah, achieved astonishing success. Muslim children, families and even non-Muslims have enthusiastically responded to Sound Vision's audio, video, computer and multimedia programs. This Islamic educational material has been designed for North American consumers with the highest level of quality possible. Subjects range from the basics of Islam to complicated socioeconomic issues. At Sound Vision, there's something for everyone. Our programs are not limited by location, time, age group or format.

Sound Vision's first video, Let's Pray, was released in 1990. Since then, it has helped more than 100,000 children, women and men learn about the daily prayers. Let's Pray also introduced Adam - a Muslim puppet that children found irresistible. In his very first performance, Adam became so popular he literally forced us to develop an educational series around him. The result was the pioneering educational video series, Adam's World that was launched in 1991. Adam's sister Aneesah has now joined the series as a regular character.

The widest possible cross-section of Muslim families have embraced the Adam's World series. Amongst Muslims in general, Adam and Aneesah have become the hallmarks of Sound Vision, despite the fact that we produce many other highly acclaimed multimedia products.

These programs have equally captivated children ranging in age from 18 months all the way to 11 years old - this feat is virtually unheard of for a children's educational show which by its very nature, usually has a limited audience. Ethnic origin also does not appear to be a barrier to this program as children from almost every conceivable background have enjoyed the series and look forward to new episodes.

With its first computer program, QuranBase, Sound Vision pioneered the use of the computer medium for Islamic knowledge in North America. Today, Sound Vision offers dozens of Islamic computer programs. Many of these programs are the best Islamic software available.

With the release of Al-Qari, the world's first Islamic multimedia program, Sound Vision once again demonstrated its innovative programming ability. Al-Qari and Al-Qari PLUS are interactive learning tools which teach Arabic reading and pronunciation of the Quran. Al-Qari has received coverage from ABC World News, Newsweek, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Similarly, Sound Vision's advancements in other major media can be seen, for instance in our documentary films, audio productions for children and youth as well as our groundbreaking work on the internet. These are further proof of our continued leadership in using the power of media to convey Allah's message.

Our websites, www.soundvision.com, and, www.radioislam.com, occupy a unique position on the internet. Not only are Muslims from all over the world logging on in ever increasing numbers, they are accessing a wealth of practical Islamic information through weekly updates and informative programming. This knowledge can, Insha Allah, be shared by individuals and communities alike. As internet technologies expand, look for even better things to come from Sound Vision!

America not only leads the world in communication, it also ranks among the best places for Muslims to develop their own dynamic media. The Muslims of America are particularly well-suited to lead the Ummah in both the science and art of modern communication. Sound Vision has recognized the potential worldwide impact Muslims can have by sharing the message of Islam in a pleasing and professional manner. We are among the dedicated few who have embraced this challenge and with the help of Almighty Allah and your support, we will succeed in meeting it.


Introducing Sound Vision
helping tomorrow's Muslims today!

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